Seeing the light

Art by Arien Valizadeh, editorial from Vogue UK.

If I were an artist, I would be this guy. Yes, I would be this person, or he would be me more like. I would be able to make this decision to have the exact talent and style. Since that's not really happening, I'm content just admiring from afar.

(Click on the pictures to see bigger)

Design for RVCA

Can I someday get married in something similar to this one day? Maybe a little less pointy so I don't give off a threatening vibe to the nicely guests.
No wait, SCREW IT; I want the origami folds.

Yes I like this very much
Tulle and layers - like a ballet skirt that grew up into a full dress.

I see the colors, oh yes I can see them.


The seas were angry

Ay mateyyyy, here's a summary of my family trip up the coast. Went to a friends house for 4 days (kind of near Sea Ranch)

The whole time we were there it rained like the power of Zeus, so we were trapped indoors most of the time. After 4 days with no other human contact besides the fam, I was ready to shank a foo. Now that we've been able to immerse ourselves in our own social lives, things are back to normal like the good 'ol days.

The view from my window, so nice to wake up to.
There was only one day we could go down to the beach. When we did, we (mostly my mom) found 24 abalone shells that had been washed ashore by the storm. Since we brought them home, maybe I'll do some kind of project with them.
Unfortunately we were only on the beach a short time before the storm came back.
Don't think this captures the incoming cloud very well, but basically, we saw this dark mass of cloud moving towards us and my family went "Oh. HELLL NA. IT'S-A-STORM" and freaked out.

Then they ran away. Look at them run. I, on the other hand, do not run for shit. Maybe because I'm a gangsta? (damn, it feels good to be a gangsta)
Then it started to hail and I slipped and fell on my behind, sorry that I wasn't able to take any pictures of that.
Haven't seen hail in 10 years, so I was pretty excited, even though it hurt my delicate epidermis.
Later that night I made this recipe from Bread and Honey
Pretty much looked like that. How? you ask. Because I am pro.
I'll leave you with a sunset and something that reminds me of Heidi.


style of today

Don't know why I couldn't get this to show up in the last post...
Anyways this is how I feel when shopping in the city, I guess I'm just too ignorant to understand the chudz.

epileptics use with caution

I'm back finally (actually got back yesterday but haven't had time etc...)
4 days spent in isolation indoors with my family is no way to be. NEVER AGAIN! Hopefully I'll get into some type of college, even if it's clown school that's good enough for me because at this point I need to leave this place. Senioritis? Check

Last night I got a late night call from Lauren to go over to her house and I was all "You crazy?" but then I remembered that this is just what other people would call chilling with my brahs so then I switched to my surf bum voice and was all "Chyeah brah, I'm down".

So actually yeah, basically that's that. (<- all of my favorite phrases in one sentence, can you believe it!) Was HELL OF excited to see Aaron and other cool kids club kids etc...
And now some pictures from last night, hm?
Ah, so badass in the leather jacket right? Haha ha. No. not really, but I can pretend right? Also, yes, I've been known to doctor photos for my own benefit/safety. (I don't know who reads these things okay?)
Yes, we are a rowdy crowd, causing hella chaos yaknowwhatimsayin?
"She looks like and old lady in China town"
SADIE! I don't know what it is about Lauren's dog that strikes me as so interesting because she's like my favorite of all my least-favorite dogs. As for the old lady in China town thing, so true, so true.
Oh yeah, we went a little photobooth crazy for some time. This was around 3-4 in the morning, so that would explain Lauren's crazy eyes, my half-dead double-chin, and Aaron's .... wait, he's just being gnar like he is. chill brah.
I'm going to make a post with coast house pictures nah if that's cool witchoo.


it's channukah, I'm leafing

...like a treeeee
Driving a few hours up the coast with the fam to a house in Mendocino/Gualala (walalaw?)
Be gone till Saturday, Hope you all have a Merry Channukah / Happy Christmas / whatever
Even though I'm Jewish, my idea of the "holiday season" is somehow a mush of thanksgiving/ christmas/ new years... so here's my holiday photo;
My cornucopia cap from thanksgiving (a month ago). So um...yeah, I am that loser who would rather take pictures on her friend's Mac while everyone else is socializing in the other room. I wonder if they noticed me steal away sheepishly to be by my bad self. Also I choose to make festive hats instead of play silly games.
And yes, my cornucopia cap has a hotdog in it.
In other news - Things I'v gotten for Channukah so far (these are the things I picked out, so I performed some sneakery and knew which ones to open first)
On the first night of Channukah my parents gave to me:
A sick ass motorcycle jacket
Night #2
Not the one I got, my hair breaks hair straightners foshiz G
Tonight = Night 3
sorry guys, but I did.
Minnetonka Moccasin brand ugg-style boots. I DON'T CARE how unstylish or ugly these things are, they're fucking warm and cozy as sheeeit. Also, I figure that since they're by Minnetonka, there has to be a little less guilt involved. C'mon man, it's cold in the D.
Ok, so I guess that's it for now. No internet access/ cell phone service for the next few days. Don't remember the last time I went without internet access for more than 24 hours... this is going to be a good thing


psychedelic eyes

Um...more things i think are funny, are they funny? Probably not, but maybe yes? no? ye. no. yes. perhaps.
Got this one from Mark
starts to get good after about 2 minutes
liking the horror movie music for the "Tchernobyl boy"

Don't forget to go all psychedelic eyes and combine the elements

Do you come here often?

The past 3 weeks were hellweeks so I haven't had time to post
Aside from the fact that my face has swollen to look like I had my wisdom teeth removed, break is going bueeeno.
Here's stuff from the past week:

Color combination I like very much so
cardigan-target, shirt - gapewwwww
I'm liking this lace and plaid combo right now. I call this combination the "fancy lumberjack".

More fancy lumberjack + gold necklace I got in Utah last year. Sometimes I like Utah for the snow and all, but mostly it's boring and cold. I think that's why such great art and jewelry things come from Utah - because they don't have anything else to do.

This lumberjack is fancy

It's Hannukah fools

I went in my mom's closet the other night to grab something and what do I see?

That's right. I'm just an inconspicous pile of boxes camoflauged in the middle of the closet. No big deal. You totally can't see me, the way this blanket is strewn over me so nonchallant-like. I mean really, there could be anything in the center of the closet. Like a collection of antique bottle openers or some dry cleaning or perhaps PRESENTS?

I guess they're all "why even bother?" seeing as how I already know what they got me.
Not sure what some stuff is yet, I'm surprised they bought me stuff this year actually because of obvious suckfest economy reasons. First thing I'm going to open is:

yesyesyesyes - I think I ordered the wrong size though.


you ancient old glamourpuss

What I wore today + new heels
button-up polo - mom's from 70's, skirt - target, tights - Japan, shoes - bcbg girls
new shoes
Craze lights, I want to make an outfit with these colors, nevermind the nothingness of the picture.
Last night went to some kfog concert with the mom and pops and the Wilder. We saw....
I didn't really know much about them except that I grew up listening to their music and like it and all. Backstory is the lead singer, Chrissie Hynde, is over 50 years old, meaning the pretenders have been on the punk scene for over 30 years. Knowing how old the crowd would be and the band would be, I was expecting the whole thing to be tired and lame.
WRONG completelywrongabsolutelywrong inconceivably wrong not right at all.
It was cool, even though she's been in the biz for over 30 years, she still has the same voice, great looks, and isn't an old hag playing the guitar like a harp made out of a sugar mold.
Chrissie Hynde is the shit and still one of the most bitchinest punk rockers

I think also in the 70's


Follow the white rabbit

I'm hooked on Fifi Lapin's take on runway style. I'm not sure if Fifi Lapin is the name of the artist or the name of the featured character... or both?
Anyways, she sells the prints and drawings on her website. I wanted to buy some for people, but they're kinda over my budget and it's too hard to choose because they're all beautiful.

In Sonia Rykiel Spring '09
In Karen Walker F/W '08
In Luella F/W '08

brown crown

Lately I've really been wanting to bleach my hair blond or dye it red. I don't know why because it would look like crap, especially at shoulder length.

Yarrr I won't do it, but I'll probably still have that itch for a few more days.
Most brunettes are bitchy, I won't deny it. Sometimes I feel like I wouldn't have my bitch moments if I had lighter hair. Truth be told, the only way to change your personality is to be reincarnated. When people change their appearance to change how others perceive them, the only person they fool is themselves.

Enough ranting, here's some lovely brunettes;

I think vintage Barbies are better because they have an unreasonable pout and bitchy eyebrows.
(I couldn't find an attractive picture of an original one and I don't actually have any barbies of my own)
Sometimes I wish I was still a little girl so I could enjoy simple things, like Barbies. Have you ever seen how happy it makes a kid to get a new toy? You'd think they were on crack the way some of them have a near-seizure when they get a new video game or some other useless shit. I'm envious of their toy-induced ecstasy.

Sophia Loren and her sister in Rome - 1964. Such a great picture from Time magazine. You can tell that even without all the makeup, she must have been a beautiful person anyways.

Another picture from Time of Parisians in the 60's. Love the makeup and clothing.

Cher in the 60's. I'm definitely NOT a Cher fan, but this is cool.


junk junk junk

Too much junkjunkjunkjunkjunk junk to do, I'll post something tomorrow perchance?
Sorry my hari, but then again I'm going to be making some money tonight, so I don't really feel bad about not posting or doing homework.


not really, but it does pay for channukah presents.


Sorry Sarah

This is one Kat's lovely dresses (+ bad lighting and confused pose)
Dress - Kat's, gold shoes - vintage

I got these epic heels at a volunteer thing last year. They're spray painted gold and a priveledge to see. Downside: another pair that is way too small. Why do I have shoes that are too small?

It's like the wrath of god manifested in heel form.
Alsooooo.... why?
Life lesson: Always make attractive faces
Is it not possible for me to ever take a good picture? Only every 1 out of 20 pictures is ever usable.
Note to self - Monitor facial expression at all times. Better yet, never have any facial expression to prevent my true self (M.C. Moodston) from being unleashed.

clean up

Clean up. Everybody do your share
Watching "Shoote 'Em Up" and clearing out old pictures from my computer right now
Here are some things from a few years back that I forgot about and don't know where they came from

PLEASE: no smoking joints, no dropping acid, no blasting boomboxes.

What can I say?

Pee Wee
I.CAN'T.HANDLE.THE.PAIN. soooo much to do
I need to find some inspirational quotes for a speech about the future... any suggestions?