+ ironic t-shirts

I'm going to be straight with you and get some things off my chest. In all Honesty, I think you are stupid, ridiculous, NO ME GUSTA (if you know what I'm sayin). Sometimes it all bothers me and I don't find that it suits its purpose.

There are things out there which must be brought to our attention.
So here's to you, clueless people/ things to which I say DO NOT:

Yes, I'm talking to you, Brad.

Nessie, you're just so passe aren't you? With your in and out of the spotlight everybody is just clamouring over themselves to get a snapshot of you. Get lost, drama queen.

President's club (click it):

OK, get out of Obama's house now

Mannequins...so many things wrong with mannequins. I'm not going to go there.

OH YES - also I just ordered my quilted Cult Club purse from Itsumi, I'll post when I get it.