Haikus #51 and #52

Poppy tattoo
goin goin back
back to cali cali. But
really... my back hurts.

FTW Saloon
ouchouchouchouch owwwch
This about to hurt like a
muthafucka ouchouch


Henry Miller

My new hero, and he reminds me of my Poppy (grandpa)

more on him here.


Haiku #50

All day
You're my favorite
daydream, even when you are right
in front of me.


twinz 4 lyfe

amiright amiright?


Haikus #45, #46, #47, #48, and #49

Loose lips might sink ships
But I know that men slip at
the sight of my hips

I love every-
thing about you except for
the fact you're not mine

Hey boy
When I say I'm cold,
it's just an invitation:
come here, get closer.

No-shave no-no
Dear dirrrty mustache,
Yes, I see you, but I refuse
to acknowledge you.

Kinda... neh
There are people I
dislike and i love so much:
I treat them the same

I'm on a roll, but the quality of these is debatable. And if you think one is about you, you're wrong.

Haiku #45

See all dis purple
on my lips? It's called wine out
of a can, beetches.


fuck yeah Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's concert!


Haikus #43 and #44

Much of Everyone
Please tell me when it's
gonna end. I'm hyper out
of my means, today.

Kid in my hall...
You're creepin and we
both know it, so please avert
your stare somewhere else.


Haikus #41 and #42

I ain't wrong but...
For god sake's - someone
stop me now. I'm just making
a mess outta me.

Poor, lonely snowboard
shoved in the corner; waiting
for me to grow some.


Haiku #40

Pecan Pie
Just ate my body
weight in turkey: going to
puke. But wait - DESSERT?!?!?


Haikus #38 and #39

Hell, why not?
A homeless man wants
me to be his wifey. Got
to think about this.

Mi vida en sofa
My motivational
system is bullshit. Eat
or sleep? Sleep or eat?


Haiku #37

Have you heard my freestyle?
No, I am not black -
But that doesn't mean that I
am not Lil' Weezy


Call me / procrastination

Haikus #34, #35, and #36

My understanding of a Lil Wayne song
blowin purple clouds:
I'm so sky high (what the fuck's
he saying?) weezy

Sunday night - 11:57
station. I should catch a train
to... maybe later

Learn to speak fluent girl
And by "Aaaaw you look
sooo cute!" I really mean "You
look like a skank, ho."


Haikus #32 and #33

Grow some and get out
I'm over it and
it's snowing like hell. Please take
me to the mountains!

My Weekend
snowboarding, drinking
smoking, and yummy nom noms;
Love this white blizzard.


It's a wild world

My head is all over the place trying to catch up with my heart. I think I'm going to hold off from writing haiku's till I can clear my mind and sort things out.* All I can say is that sometimes (all of the time) I like everyone too much. I need to start hating people.

*although I want to do another picture post + haiku's are how I make a living


Haiku #31

Today will be a
good day. "Why" you say? Because
I fucking say so.

good music:

I love kids:


Haikus #29 and #30

Strep throat
I want to get high-
so high my head is in the
clouds; toes in the dirt.

Plan B
No, I want to run
away. Away from my mind
to an In-N-Out.


funk this shit

Too much on my mind for haiku's... some amateur poetry will do I guess? (sorry for profanity but my vocabulary is limited)

I feel like curling up in my fuzzy blanket.
There I can attempt to ignore my thoughts
but my dreams won't be about the future;
more like about You as a monstrous villain or
perhaps as ecstasy in human form.
Either way - it's unhealthy.
And I don't want to be sick.

But I am sick and it's not the swine flu
nor is it in my head. It's in my heart -
the vital organ that secretly despises me
and, like a dick, leads me to love too easily.
Ha, but I'm not easy.

So who is wrong here?
Because it most certainly is not me...
but that would mean it is You. And it can't be
You because without me there would be
no misunderstanding which leads my brain,
made of cells and tissues,
to rip and shred apart like overused tights.
Ouch. My heart decided to follow this trend as well.

Shit - I think I'm going to go hide in my fuzzy,
yellow blanket where my thoughts can't find me.
You will be there, too.


Haikus #27 and #28

Love thou biotch.
love is like a song,
y'know the one about pimps
and ho's and scrillas?

Just putting it out there
I should warn you - I
can be very deceptive,
but also very dumb.


Costume ideas

checkout them toes - mmm...


cuz I'm funky fresh

or just a bad ass, but that wouldn't really be a costume, would it?


Haiku #26

Every day time second
Lifting me higher
till I forget where I am-
but you bring me back.

God I'm so fucking corny, somebody give me a good dose of pessimism.

*edit: this was written for my peanut butter and banana sandwich, wish I had clarified that earlier, sorry dudes


Haiku #25

I deleted this one, it sucked


Gramma's going wild

I have a shit ton of random pictures saved up on my computer. I would credit sources, but I can't remember because...well. I might add more random images later


Haikus #23 and #24

That annoying song you hate
Play count: thirty-six
I will listen ten more times
and I do not care.

the sound that is "hhhh"
does not compare to that made
by the mighty "rrrr"


Haikus #21 and #22

These two haikus come from the fact that every 13 out of 14 meals in my week comes from the cafeteria.

I'll pass
Made of lard, vomit
or perhaps both? "Special sauce"-
you do not fool me.

Rude? I have a goal.
hurry up your fat
ass - I gots to go get my
soft-serve ice cream on.


Haiku #20

I wish we were each other's to have
You're teasing me with
untold jokes and kisses that
will never take place.


haikus #18 and #19

An ode is better than a gift card to Barnes and Noble
This is a tribute
to outshine any honor
you might have thought of.

From the Bay
I could be gangsta
but I'd rather be shanking
unicorns, instead.


Haikus #16 and #17

Hey remember that time we went camping?
trapped in my actions,
or perhaps a loose cuccoon.
Nope, I'm in a tent.

Yeah, I'm still in that tent

So she walks into a bar...
My humor is cold
But I want to keep telling
Hellen Keller jokes.


Haiku #15

A Freaky Dream: Part I
"you are a victim
of all the rules you live by,"
the Shaman told me.

Ok - so I just wanted to use that quote but whatever, I'm on a roll. And I'm pissed... so maybe some angry haikus?


Haikus #12, #13, and #14

I gots no patience
waiting by my phone
just chillin', more like. Ok...

Keep that thing away from me
Like a flossy rag
Slowly devouring your head:
Your weave really sucks.

How creepy am I right now / god i'm creepy
I won't pretend like
I know you well - i don't. We should
Totally kick it.


Haiku #11

like some bad shit or like something
you know something's fo
real when boys say "OHMYGOD"
like seriously.

Kind of like when they read LeLove? It's so mushy and cute I can hardly take it yet I read it a lot anyways


I pity the fool

who doesn't follow Mr. T's fashion advice:


Haikus #9 and #10

oh, you sinister,
benevolent, and scheming
punk-ass Furbie betch.

I see nebulons
and OMG Big Dipper!
Outerspace - hells yes.


Right now, my face:

Attractive, right?

Time to go start my collegiate career


Haiku #8

Yes I Kiss my Mother with this Mouth
Bad Mamba Jamba:
three words to describe me -
so simple and sweet.

Does this even make sense? I've been awake for 20 hours, sorry.


Haiku #7

Today I was on a boat (muthafucka) or Near death experience
Sir, slow the hell down -
Is you trying to kill me?
Fuck nautical life.


Haikus #5 and #6

Tonight I had really hard time writing something funny. Tomorrow I leave for college and I won't see a lot of people for a few months - which really isn't the worst thing ever on the list of possible heartwrenching stuff that could happen.

So here's one haiku that's actually a little serious and a haiku that's FOREAL. (it's not easy to think of a title for something meaningful unless it has something to do with nature, politics, babies or some other similar sentimental crap - so that's that... not going to explain)

Miss a turn/move 3 spaces back
I, dreading goodbye,
Exhale to gain composure
(comes out like a sigh)

Teenager at a graduation party
People, wagging their smiles
at my scared, spastic presence
are not comforting.


Haiku #4

This is a collaboration haiku.
A collaboration, is what I said.

On being fancy and starting a new life.
At a precipice
With Martinelli's in stow
On we boldly go.


Haiku #3

At Haiku Hotel
I keep my poems cozy
In a mini fridge.

This is what happens when I write without really thinking - yay or nay?


Haiku #2

Today, joy is mine.
For I have accomplished much:
I found a pop tart.

I guess I'm giving this suckers away for free like sparkly, phoenetically pleasing hairballs.

one of the best moments this summer...so far.


Haiku #1

I wrote this Haiku last night before a rousing game of Quelf

I'm very well traveled but...
Who's cheese dipped goat balls
And nude beach babies with guns?
For'ners fuck shit up.


summer ends in 10 days.

I want money, cars, and ho's. End of story. I've done so much this past summer but I don't think I'm going to say anything because...I'm ending this blog. Sorry.

Maybe I'll write one of my sentimental haiku's from time to time, but I know I'm not going to feel like keeping this thing up in college.

Weekend at the cabin
That beer spattered laugh
It's hilarious. OK-
passing out drunk



not defunct

I'm still in Israel, maybe I'll never leave? Actually no.

Not sure whether or not I'll keep posting once I get back. Probably I shall do that very thing. Yes, I shall.

Also, I graduated that damn K12 thing since I last posted, feels good to be my own boss, ya dig?



prepare yourself for a night of long distance slow-dancing.

Sorry I don't post much, whatchu gonna dowabouddit?

Last weekend was Senior Ball, so here are some of ze pictures, hmm?

Curly hair with the awesome date Harry

yeah, you know I like to pose

Aren't me and the Gato just precious?  I think we do vintage good 

Ok, they both look great in this picture and I look like the madre with a few too many bloody maries, sooo that's that.

*Louise's 50's dress + target heels

My high school career will be officially over in one week, so that either means more blogging or zero blogging, we'll see.


Thou shalt not use poetry or music to get into girls pants...

Use it to get into their heads

This is by far one of my favorites:

Also, sorry for the lack of posts, almost done with 1/2 my finals. So once again, I'm gonna pull one of these:



Also, I want to be like...


i-D magazine?


Pep pep

Bringing  back a little MysP@ce sTYle with a playlist

 Don't be scared!  It won't hurt you.  But the sounds might steer you into a funkadellic coma for thirty seconds


sting of neglect

Haven't posted in a while, lo siento. But seriously, if you're reading this, leave a comment. I'm not writing this shiz just to read my own words! ...Actually, I probably am. THAT MATTERS NONE.

When I was taking a picture of my epic shirt the other day, I dropped my crap-o-camera and terminally ruined the lens. Not a big tragedy, though, cuz I might get another one for my birfday.

Over spring break I went to Oregon, slept, and unraveled my shirt.

tee - UO, jeans - UO, shoes - oregon

but then...

new chucks!
Last but not least, I'm working on a new blog.


hey party people

Halo to all ze party people,

You like to paaahty, yes?  If zis ees ze case, zen maybe you should get your bouncy bootee over to ze Talent Show at zat school we go to!  Zer are going to be some good acts, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, I, ze Maddie, will be dancing ze hula with Kat.  It will be a good time for all, non?

- myself

*Also I didn't get any pictures of the Vintage Fashion Expo Kat and I went to on Sunday.  So much vintage, so little time.  Unfortunately, everything was hella bank (because it was so nice) and I didn't really need anything, so no purchases for me.  Kat got a ferocious prom gown.  
I DID see stuff I like, but it was insanely priced.  Vintage non-brand sunglasses for $150?  I THINK NOT.

Instead, I'll just spend the rest of my night pining over these things I've found on the world wide web:

vintage sunglasses by Sonia Rykiel

found on someone else's blog, but can't remember

from a random etsey store .... I'm thinking I'll DIY