won't stop can't stop

Oh Heidi, how I miss thee. Need I say more?

Photobooth pictures from the summer, back when I had long hair and braces (with Kat and Heidi):

You could say that me and Kat are spoiled little children getting to see Heidi about once a year since she moved to Iowa a few years ago, I guess. Whenever she comes here it makes me miss the scoundrel even more...
Maybe this spring I'll get to visit her? yes? no? yes? no? Don't think I have the will power to save up enough money for a plane ticket.
Seeing as how she won't be coming up here and we'll be going to different colleges in under a year, I'm just kind of bummed. I'm naturally a lazy person, I just need to get off my ass and keep in touch.

Those two warlocks are my

Thugs 4 life