puffy sleeve blouse @ 12:51

Trying to figure out a way to make this gunny sacks - puffy sleeve shirt from the 70's work
Mad Victorian Throwback Style my gangsta:

vintage shirt - mom, black skirt - target, charles jourdan heels - vintage

MORE VINTAGE cuz I can...

These heels were my grandma's in the 50's. I didn't inherit her tiny feet though, so I can only look at the too small warlocks. The most epic embroidered brocade ever = amore.

Last but not least:

"Outta this world fish"

Ariel took this a week ago when we went to Haight. No amount of "OhMYGAAAHS" can describe how obsessed I am with this picture. The fish is defying gravity forcyingoutloud... I love it.