Also, I want to be like...


i-D magazine?


Pep pep

Bringing  back a little MysP@ce sTYle with a playlist

 Don't be scared!  It won't hurt you.  But the sounds might steer you into a funkadellic coma for thirty seconds


sting of neglect

Haven't posted in a while, lo siento. But seriously, if you're reading this, leave a comment. I'm not writing this shiz just to read my own words! ...Actually, I probably am. THAT MATTERS NONE.

When I was taking a picture of my epic shirt the other day, I dropped my crap-o-camera and terminally ruined the lens. Not a big tragedy, though, cuz I might get another one for my birfday.

Over spring break I went to Oregon, slept, and unraveled my shirt.

tee - UO, jeans - UO, shoes - oregon

but then...

new chucks!
Last but not least, I'm working on a new blog.