Oh, mother

Here I am, just sitting on the couch, minding my own P's and Q's when I hear my mom exclaim;

"I don't trust him, you know why? He's a snake- that's what the psychic told me."

Usually, my mom is a pretty reasonable and sane person, but lately.... not so much. Certain occurrences have led me to believe that there is an imbalance of reason (although maybe justified).
But hey, if the psychic said so, it MUST be true.

Here's a crazy idea: How about some music to match my mother's madness?
Listen to First Communion by Gang Gang dance (mentioned it before, get over it)

4 reasons why you should;
1) The sounds is brilliant; the lead singer's voice makes me want to dance on the ceiling and find a way to wear confetti
2) It's great when you're tired and need something to speed up your adrenaline.
3) The cover art is bomb - want to find a poster of it
4) It's way better than Rhianna... or whatever the hell you kids are into

Aaaaalso I want this hat for my everyday wanderings

I can't find the link... got it from the UO daily blog

Only 3 more weeks until winter break!