loco like a choo choo

I don't know why, but for the past couple of days I've felt really creepy. Whether I was feeling energetic, sad, or any other emotion, I was just plain creepy. I wasn't spying on neighbors through the curtains or internet stalking people or doing anything remotely creepy. Still, the creepness was surrounding like an aura.
Oh yeah, it FREAKS people out. Fortunately, nobody seemed to notice my new found creepiness that I wasn't flamboyantly displaying.

here's a haiku about situations from my creeper point of view

She's got a mustache
Have I been staring too long?
Oh shit...look at shoes

I guess it doesn't even matter seeing as how nobody caught on...it was all in my cabeza.
To all out there who shun their creeper instincts, I say "Have no fear of being creepy, embrace it! Treat is as you would any other passing instinct!"
(Just don't watch any slasher films or play with haunted toys when in this phase - this will surely trigger an axe-muderer response or some such similar killing spree)

These things embody the (passing) CREEPNESS, which isn't the worst thing in the world and can be kinda inspiring sometimes.

scanned heels by Peter Miszuk

Image by Laura Laine
Go to Laura Laine's website and see her insane drawing skills that kill

Hand-crocheted mask by Arielle de Pinto
Can I have one? These masks would be such a cool gift (hinthinthint). I don't think I'd ever use one, but I would definitely make it a centerpiece on my wall O'glory.

"Face of War" by Salvador Dali
I have this framed in my room. Despite the whatnot of it all, this is probably one of my favorite skull images - I think the details make it beautiful. Maybe this is why I'm so creeeeeepy. Or maybe I just sound like a pompous/pretentious ass.


Let's go down, down, down lower where I know I should not go

Today I didn't really feel like taming my natural-perm hair as a form of manners to house guests.
Wore my new/vintage velvet skirt + boyscout shirt.

When wearing a boyscout shirt, I think I reserve the right to shout "FUCK THE POLICE" when I damn well feel like it
The hierarchy in Lafayette should go (from top to bottom) 1. Boyscouts 2. soccer moms 3. kids with c.cards 4. hot guys at pizza antica in the summer 5. police 6. girl scouts 7. anybody else (oh wait, the mayor. Who IS the mayor/ do we even have one?)
From now on, this is how the Lafayette council shall be organized.

For further enjoyment here's my Thanksgiving (aka hiding from relatives in my room) Playlist:

1. First Communion Gang Gang Dance.
2. Death Letter The White Stripes
3. Y Control The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
4. Razorblade The Strokes
5. Karma Police Radiohead
6. Do Me a Favor Arctic Monkeys
7. Big Balls AC/DC
8. Hong Kong Garden Siouxie and the Banshees

Holla at my boys ZAZA, AEISS and FNAPPY

Thanksgiving leaves me dreading Channukah parties. TOO.MUCH.FAMILY.TIME. Those awkward family conversations I predicted went exactly as imaginined. Hey there 1-year-older cousin freakin talking to me like I'm 10 and 2nd cousin's psychotic husband who responds to everything with a too-large smile and nervous laugh while his eyes try to escape his face.

Change subjects like I change identitiesSAYWHAAAAAAT?

Y'know LOLCATZ right? Yes you do.
Dis videyo about dem (make that chaaaaange...lookin'ass kitty)

If you don't like it, all I can say is that I've had too much turkey and the dopamine is circulating in my cerebellum like MADCRAZY OFFTHECHAIN.
Also right now I'm overloading on The Strokes and Radiohead, it doesn't get much better.


Of course we're cool

Yesterday = Lawrence Hall of Science with the psych crew

oh, thank you for this helpful advice

cool kids on the block

Being all "lone wolf" by my bad self

Today was the day for pie making and such. What's that? Picky eater? In that case we made 4 pies for your desserting pleasure.

Mmmmm cherry tart.

crapple snapple pop

I haven't really had time to post anything lately (effffff YOU college apps)
Now that it's Thanksgiving break and all, maybe I'll have time to catch up.

Anyways I don't have any pictures yet so I guess I'll just shoot the breeze a little?

Last weekend was Wilder's Bar Mitzvah (he's a man now!(not really he sucks)). 4 days of family time has left me too weary and annoyed to be even a little peppy for Thanksgiving. Who are these people coming over anyways?

Here's an imaginary conversation between me and randomn distant family members who i don't know who are staying for thanksgiving:

Me: Hello, Happy Thanksgiving
Horrid Older Slob Cousin: You too, also, I think you are uppity and a bitch
Me: uuuuhhh
HOSC: Fahhaaha I was joking
Me: (fake laughter) So what's new with you?
HOSC: Just chillllin' dude (translates to community college for 3 years and I'm not really very good at anything)
Me: Did you find a job yet?
HOSC: No, I'm too busy being fug and horrid.
--enter crazy aunt----
Crazy Aunt: I made GUMBO! With some mushrooms and tree fungus I found in the front yard!
Me: Mmmm, sounds good, but I'm going to have to pass because I actually am allergic to gumbo.
HOSC: Oh, I forgot to tell you that I ate all the gumbo while you were talking in a baby voice to the dogs.
Me: Oh... darn, what a shame.
CA: Lucky you Miss Madison that I brought some nut cookies I made from tumbleweeds!
Me: It's Maddie, short for Madeline-
CA: And cranberry sauce made from real cranes!
Me: sick, I can't wait.
HOSC: Ok, I'm gonna go drink beer because it's legal and to show you all that I'm a real man.
Me: FYI, the beer is located outside of the house and we have this rule where if you drink, you have to stand isolated, by yourself, in a corner until we say you can come back.


That's pretty much it for now, I'll post pictures from the Bar Mitzvah and other stuff when I get them, cheerio.


Oooh she done done it again

I cut off all my hurr. It's gone, sucka!

From this:

Nevermore, nevermore

(Is this creepy?... answer is yes: detached hair just ain't right. I'm gonna donate it though)

Such is the present future...

If you don't like, just pour some rogain on my head whilst I slumber.


Say what?

"I'm the best, yes, yes"
and then she said
"you would wear that"
so I replied "Bitch, I don't know your life"

ANYWAYS a bunch of stuff for next season that I would wear if could get it.

OK let's just cut the silly business.
GIVE THIS TO ME, ok please.

(Proenza Schouler)

When I say I want it, I kind of mean that I'm going to mow anyone down who stands in my way.
Also, I would wear the Willy Wonka spectacles.

Maybe I'll try to recreate a really amateur, crappy version of this that looks like a blind monkey sewed it.

A-cha-cha a hardcore sparkely spiderwebbed cocktail dress

Y'know, just some things I could wear to school, everyday ensembles.


She's sassy, sometimes

The sassy teacher skirt

school of rock?

(vintage wool skirt, cut hem t-shirt, knit belt)


the cat's meow

Halloween? A week ago?
Oh, yeah about that...


Me and the Sarahnwrap went for adventures and such in the city across the bay
greaser/badass and a school girl

err... donde esta the maquillaje?

rubber coated leggings - UO, vintage bowling shirt - grandmas, members only jacket - thrift



OK SO after a whole lotta shit i'm back.
health, SAT's, and muerte cannot bring me down... it's all gonna get better.

anyways 4 DAY WEEKEND!