The seas were angry

Ay mateyyyy, here's a summary of my family trip up the coast. Went to a friends house for 4 days (kind of near Sea Ranch)

The whole time we were there it rained like the power of Zeus, so we were trapped indoors most of the time. After 4 days with no other human contact besides the fam, I was ready to shank a foo. Now that we've been able to immerse ourselves in our own social lives, things are back to normal like the good 'ol days.

The view from my window, so nice to wake up to.
There was only one day we could go down to the beach. When we did, we (mostly my mom) found 24 abalone shells that had been washed ashore by the storm. Since we brought them home, maybe I'll do some kind of project with them.
Unfortunately we were only on the beach a short time before the storm came back.
Don't think this captures the incoming cloud very well, but basically, we saw this dark mass of cloud moving towards us and my family went "Oh. HELLL NA. IT'S-A-STORM" and freaked out.

Then they ran away. Look at them run. I, on the other hand, do not run for shit. Maybe because I'm a gangsta? (damn, it feels good to be a gangsta)
Then it started to hail and I slipped and fell on my behind, sorry that I wasn't able to take any pictures of that.
Haven't seen hail in 10 years, so I was pretty excited, even though it hurt my delicate epidermis.
Later that night I made this recipe from Bread and Honey
Pretty much looked like that. How? you ask. Because I am pro.
I'll leave you with a sunset and something that reminds me of Heidi.