epileptics use with caution

I'm back finally (actually got back yesterday but haven't had time etc...)
4 days spent in isolation indoors with my family is no way to be. NEVER AGAIN! Hopefully I'll get into some type of college, even if it's clown school that's good enough for me because at this point I need to leave this place. Senioritis? Check

Last night I got a late night call from Lauren to go over to her house and I was all "You crazy?" but then I remembered that this is just what other people would call chilling with my brahs so then I switched to my surf bum voice and was all "Chyeah brah, I'm down".

So actually yeah, basically that's that. (<- all of my favorite phrases in one sentence, can you believe it!) Was HELL OF excited to see Aaron and other cool kids club kids etc...
And now some pictures from last night, hm?
Ah, so badass in the leather jacket right? Haha ha. No. not really, but I can pretend right? Also, yes, I've been known to doctor photos for my own benefit/safety. (I don't know who reads these things okay?)
Yes, we are a rowdy crowd, causing hella chaos yaknowwhatimsayin?
"She looks like and old lady in China town"
SADIE! I don't know what it is about Lauren's dog that strikes me as so interesting because she's like my favorite of all my least-favorite dogs. As for the old lady in China town thing, so true, so true.
Oh yeah, we went a little photobooth crazy for some time. This was around 3-4 in the morning, so that would explain Lauren's crazy eyes, my half-dead double-chin, and Aaron's .... wait, he's just being gnar like he is. chill brah.
I'm going to make a post with coast house pictures nah if that's cool witchoo.