Haikus #51 and #52

Poppy tattoo
goin goin back
back to cali cali. But
really... my back hurts.

FTW Saloon
ouchouchouchouch owwwch
This about to hurt like a
muthafucka ouchouch


Henry Miller

My new hero, and he reminds me of my Poppy (grandpa)

more on him here.


Haiku #50

All day
You're my favorite
daydream, even when you are right
in front of me.


twinz 4 lyfe

amiright amiright?


Haikus #45, #46, #47, #48, and #49

Loose lips might sink ships
But I know that men slip at
the sight of my hips

I love every-
thing about you except for
the fact you're not mine

Hey boy
When I say I'm cold,
it's just an invitation:
come here, get closer.

No-shave no-no
Dear dirrrty mustache,
Yes, I see you, but I refuse
to acknowledge you.

Kinda... neh
There are people I
dislike and i love so much:
I treat them the same

I'm on a roll, but the quality of these is debatable. And if you think one is about you, you're wrong.

Haiku #45

See all dis purple
on my lips? It's called wine out
of a can, beetches.


fuck yeah Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's concert!


Haikus #43 and #44

Much of Everyone
Please tell me when it's
gonna end. I'm hyper out
of my means, today.

Kid in my hall...
You're creepin and we
both know it, so please avert
your stare somewhere else.


Haikus #41 and #42

I ain't wrong but...
For god sake's - someone
stop me now. I'm just making
a mess outta me.

Poor, lonely snowboard
shoved in the corner; waiting
for me to grow some.