tiempo para siesta

OY gevault I'm so tiiiiiyerd. Haven't gotten endoscopy results yet, but they're leaning towards albinoism.
Not really.
But seriously.
I'm not, you would be able to tell.

I'll post stuff soon.


casa viniendo?

Homecoming twas last weekend, but I was an epic failure and didn't get pictures of my outfit so boohoo, go cry over your coconut cake.

On point, I think this was one of our more put-together years, y'know? No rush, no wardrobe malfunctions, no catfights. (are there ever catfights?)

Sasspants. All of us, every single dastardly one.

On a MORE IMPORTANT note... I have to go on some medication this weekend and I'll be forced to stay en casa. I'll be living a town called Suckersville, population 2. (me and my kickass Wilder, who lives there even when he doesn't have to.)

WHO WILL COME TO VISIT MEEEEEE? I implore you to. I'll be waiting with tofu and some medication you wouldn't be paid to take.
Actually, all I can say is... be jealous, yeah, be jealous of enforced house arrest.

I'll see you on the flipside

(of what?)


an argument for the children

Hey, you hurr 'bout my shirt shirt?
Wullll anyways I fashioned myself a shirt SKIRT of sorts. I think I need to perfect the tying method and all, but using the imagination of what could be... what is better?

shirt skirt:

yes i know, it's lowrise because of my unmasterful knotting skills (skillz)


indecisive wing-bat

HOMECOMING!.... is not here yet, it's tomorrow night (or tonight?)

I do not know what to wear! Oh whoooo knows whaaat to dooooo?
I had about 4 different choices, but i've narrowed it down to several variations of the same outfit


black skirt + black shirt + black shoes
I think I would wear a corsage of large vintage pins on one side.


Black skirt + white shirt + PINK shoes


me gusta mas this picture because the self-timer surprised me with its puntcuality. (hells yes self timer; don't you know that i'm an insomniac and my professional photographer named Deborah will not respond to my every whim at 1:00 in the morn?)
black skirt + white shirt + BLACK shoes

byaaaah the favorability goes towards my new betsy thunderrrrrs, but the pink ones are so vibrant, like a cop's light.
(fyi the pinks are pumps and the black patents are wedges)



I'm a computa, stop all the downloadin!

gyaaack none of my pictures will upload no mores!

To tide the time over here's this:

You've probably seen it and it's probably not as funny as I think it is, BUT COME ON... porkchop sandwhiches!


You ain't no lover, but you ain't no dancer

It was also Laura's birthday, I didn't get any pictures even though it was crazy awesome fantastic super.

question 1:
who DIDN'T go to lovefest? Tell me and for you I will set up a charity fund, you poor poor soul.

that concludes the question portion of this test.

I really hope there were not any children there, they would be the "experimental one" for life.

more censorship because that thang was dirty like the south.

kat and laura getting nasty with DR. LOVE!

TRANSFORMERS, robots in DISGUISE! He was one of the best ravers I could ever hope to see. ever.

"Oh you one of those simian types, is you?"

RIP leathuuuuh legs


My shirt shirt

oy gevault what.a.schlep.
I think this is from last Friday because what? Oh I can control when things are posted? Oh bully!

This was my first attempt at a Berkeley stretchmark buuuutttt... I don't remember much of what I did, or perhaps we didn't really do much. most probably the latter.

whatever whatever whatever whatever whatever

ANYWAYS why did you read any of the above hooey?

Yes I censor things when I like the picture anyways so get used to it foooooo

Do you know what..... THIS IS? it is an inuendo or an illusion.

Alas my self made shirt shirt which is my shirt made of a shirt. Does this just make it a shirt because I'd like to think it's a little mo creative.

Back at Lauren's house with the beeeeyest hat ever.


STOP errthang right now!


Bush's tie has been in the closet for too long now. It is time to come out.


Forget what I said for my skin sheds quite often

Things I dislike
- people/things/animals/salespeople that do not like me
- brown clothing
- frisbees
- eye contact
- college apps
- persistant leg cramps
- not having plans when I need them
- inability to not be awkward
- money

Things I like very much so
- pictures with people in them
- pleather-rubber-leather leggings
- festivals (treasure island, lovefest)
- pink shoes
- the Shins, also simon and grafunkel
- fire in any place, shape, or reason
- ditto with smores
- in-n-out
- finishing homework
- good undergarments with crappy sweats
- fancy finds
- knee high socks
- hello!
- bang perfection
- swim suits
- old fashioned moonshine
- D.I.Y. shoes
- the musical stylings of laura harris
- target