hey party people

Halo to all ze party people,

You like to paaahty, yes?  If zis ees ze case, zen maybe you should get your bouncy bootee over to ze Talent Show at zat school we go to!  Zer are going to be some good acts, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, I, ze Maddie, will be dancing ze hula with Kat.  It will be a good time for all, non?

- myself

*Also I didn't get any pictures of the Vintage Fashion Expo Kat and I went to on Sunday.  So much vintage, so little time.  Unfortunately, everything was hella bank (because it was so nice) and I didn't really need anything, so no purchases for me.  Kat got a ferocious prom gown.  
I DID see stuff I like, but it was insanely priced.  Vintage non-brand sunglasses for $150?  I THINK NOT.

Instead, I'll just spend the rest of my night pining over these things I've found on the world wide web:

vintage sunglasses by Sonia Rykiel

found on someone else's blog, but can't remember

from a random etsey store .... I'm thinking I'll DIY


psychedellic head cold

I'm illin (not like a villain) and jacked up on zyrtec and nyquill (actualy jacked down, but that sounds durrty like the south).

This is what I see when I read my text book:

Lauren's shirt, shorts - costume department, shoes - target


a trampoline high

Friday was Alannah's birthday
We had to steal away to the trampoline for a sec, is that such a crime?

I'm still really pissed about my future... meh.

going to delete in time

I didn't get into Santa Cruz. Therefore Santa Barbara, Irvine, and Boulder are out of the question.


Stop fucking posting your excitement via status. Stop asking me where I'm going (not where I want to go). When you ask, I know it's just because you want to tell me where you're going.
I'm sorry, don't take this personally, it's just that right now I feel like popping a mother fucking cap in a mother fucking ass. Fuck.

Last night I had a 3-hour temper tantrum and ate half a pineapple for comfort, which is not actually comforting.
How I feel:

Why you gotta sleep in public J. FrancZ?

I guess the school(s) I got into aren't the worst, but not where I really wanted to go. This just sucks major salty balls.*

"Why do you have a diary?"
"To keep secrets from my computer."

*Ok, this unhealthy, I'm going to post something nicer.


wait, this too

Oh wait sorry remember that post I made forever ago (yesterday) about how I'm going on hiatus? Yeah about that... I forgot to put these up before I said those things I said. After this, the break shall occur.

OK so I ordered this purse from Itsumi a while ago and I got it last month, but haven't had time to share its glory with your peevish eyes.

Since I don't have the stalking skills to hunt down designer purses, this original channel look-alike is ideal para me. She HAND-KNITTED this shiz herself, I suggest you check out her store, too.

BEHOLD the glory of its professionally packaged, squeaky clean wonder:
Tu eres mi amor, bolsa de mis dreams.
She also put in a cheeky note:

Obviously, this illin Michael Jackson sticker is enough to tell you that she knows her shit.

What's this, some outfits with the amazing knitted wonder?

cardigan - vintage, t-shirt - target, jeans - marc by marc, flats - target, purse- ITSUMI!
Kat and I have agreed that this outfit is very Foux de Fafa (Flight of the Conchords, dumdum, do the math)

cut up hanes t-shirt, jeans - UO, heels - target

gold bracelets and watch - vintage, stack rings - Japan...?
All in all I have to say this purse is treating me well. Itsumi has a killer blog and maybe if you order from her you'll also get a personalized note
ps - I just got the heels pictured at target: unflawed rip-offs? Who told you? not me.
I think I might actually where them to school.
FINALLY, I'm done with this post, now on hiatus?



In case you couldn't tell, I haven't been posting much lately. Don't have the time slash just haven't felt like it.

Hence: GOING ON HIATUS. I'll be back in a few. (weeks, days, hours, seconds?)

Keep your cool like Michelle Phillips
I had an audition last weekend to move up a level in my polynesian dance group and I passed! Good things to come!
Also, Kat and I might have a little piece in the senior talent show


in which i'm really cold

Last weekend I went to Park City, Utah with the "family" for a "family vacation".
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for family vacations, but not on weekends and not when I have to miss school. Other requirements, I bring a friend and am not tempted by beautiful tourist spots.

Park City is beautiful and lovely and blah bluhblah blah, but it's also a HUMONGOUS tourist town! (Sundance film festival, winter olympics, hot snowboarder guys: plenty of attractions)

It's just that I despise that feeling of being in a place I love, but feeling like things would be alot more enjoyable if I wasn't a tourist, which is what I am anywhere out side of the Bay. Probably doesn't help that my family looks as Jew as they come, so we didn't really fit into the mormon-chic culture.
Unfortunately my camera is all "blaaa you drop me all the time and I'm sick of it, you hurrr me? Sick. Of. It," It won't be my friend and take pictures, so I only have a few slightly usable ones.*

Whatever, it was fun. You want pictures, right?

"This is how intense"
Ummm yeah, so I'm guessing that you're thinking "oooh dayum I do NOT want to mess with this crazy mutha. She looks like she can shred on those slopes like a demon panther out of hell!"
Seriously, python leggings? You betcha I mean business. I mean so much business that after 6 years of boarding I fell so hard on my ass on a green run that I had to call it quits the rest of the day. No, no, no, not for my sake, but for the safety of the mountain.
OK, I'm really tired and probably won't have a chance to post in the next week. L'chayim!
*actually only 1 picture, my camera is on the fritz and I'm not willing to share the family portrait (yiiich)