Do you come here often?

The past 3 weeks were hellweeks so I haven't had time to post
Aside from the fact that my face has swollen to look like I had my wisdom teeth removed, break is going bueeeno.
Here's stuff from the past week:

Color combination I like very much so
cardigan-target, shirt - gapewwwww
I'm liking this lace and plaid combo right now. I call this combination the "fancy lumberjack".

More fancy lumberjack + gold necklace I got in Utah last year. Sometimes I like Utah for the snow and all, but mostly it's boring and cold. I think that's why such great art and jewelry things come from Utah - because they don't have anything else to do.

This lumberjack is fancy

It's Hannukah fools

I went in my mom's closet the other night to grab something and what do I see?

That's right. I'm just an inconspicous pile of boxes camoflauged in the middle of the closet. No big deal. You totally can't see me, the way this blanket is strewn over me so nonchallant-like. I mean really, there could be anything in the center of the closet. Like a collection of antique bottle openers or some dry cleaning or perhaps PRESENTS?

I guess they're all "why even bother?" seeing as how I already know what they got me.
Not sure what some stuff is yet, I'm surprised they bought me stuff this year actually because of obvious suckfest economy reasons. First thing I'm going to open is:

yesyesyesyes - I think I ordered the wrong size though.