Haikus #16 and #17

Hey remember that time we went camping?
trapped in my actions,
or perhaps a loose cuccoon.
Nope, I'm in a tent.

Yeah, I'm still in that tent

So she walks into a bar...
My humor is cold
But I want to keep telling
Hellen Keller jokes.


Haiku #15

A Freaky Dream: Part I
"you are a victim
of all the rules you live by,"
the Shaman told me.

Ok - so I just wanted to use that quote but whatever, I'm on a roll. And I'm pissed... so maybe some angry haikus?


Haikus #12, #13, and #14

I gots no patience
waiting by my phone
just chillin', more like. Ok...

Keep that thing away from me
Like a flossy rag
Slowly devouring your head:
Your weave really sucks.

How creepy am I right now / god i'm creepy
I won't pretend like
I know you well - i don't. We should
Totally kick it.


Haiku #11

like some bad shit or like something
you know something's fo
real when boys say "OHMYGOD"
like seriously.

Kind of like when they read LeLove? It's so mushy and cute I can hardly take it yet I read it a lot anyways


I pity the fool

who doesn't follow Mr. T's fashion advice: