high rollers

On Saturday many people went to see the A's and then fireworks,
but the only people who mattered were us.

I'm not even a big fan but it was my barrel uh monkies

Started out on bart: Cordelia with her huge sack making some kind of gesture with Laura that I am peering at over the seat.... it's not what it looks like...

ew, you have a dirty mind.

oh lord we always have to have group photos.
(from left to right: justin, lauren, me, laura, gino, kat, naomi, cordelia, yunus)

gino is in the background like that in every shot. WAY TO RUIN EVERYTHING.

not really

Best. fireworks. showcase. ever.
music lineup:
1. sonny and cher
2. beyonce
3. shakira
4. run dmc + aerosmith
5. by this time I was too dazed and amazed by the infinite explosions

Yeah, it's true, everyone else was staring at them "aawwwwe so cuuuuute".
So then kat took a picture and we realized what losers we were being.

To recap it all it was a spastic realaxed night + we won a free pizza, lotto ticket, and keychain per person so yeah, you can say that we are pretty high rollers.

aaaaaaaaalso tomorrow anybody who has ever had a good idea is going to the beach.
It's gonna be cold so you know i'm bringing 15 and a half blankets for myself.

I'm a winner!

Where were you?

At a game.

A love game?

This is the conversation I had with my 12 year old brother when I got home. I think Old Gregg is so ingrained in our teenage systems that any possible old gregg purge cannot take place in the near future.

In other news:
1) I'm going to the beach monday!
2) I need to post the game pictures (gato send dem pics)
3) Anyone going to the treasure island music festival? Me and Kat L. are going september 21 (Raconteurs, Vampire weekend, Tegan & Sarah)
4) This school year is lookin pretty good
6) I have the house to myself next weekend!
7) I'm taking part in an un-talked about competition and I hope I win.


First day of school

Oh hi, nice to see you too. I wasn't expecting you, but hi. Oh well, I really should be going now... ok I'm leaving.
WHAT WHAT? You say that school has actually started and this isn't some kind of ill-humored joke?


Intro to my holding space...

So once last thursday night I was hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro...
when I decided that it was a good time to clean my room.
but then I got distracted and took many snapshots of the cave I live in.

Start time 12:30 am

Sleep deprivation festival started out with some self-taken narcissistic photos to see what i was looking like.


Then I realized how my sock monkey was looking really glamorous next to the disco stand.
It occurred to me how much I love my wall de cosas.


By this time I was loopy and my mind was all like "take artsy shots. TAKE-ARTSY-SHOTS NOW!" And I was in no mood to argue so I did what I do best: look like I've overdosed on sleeping pills while trying to look like a sophisticated ugly duck that could.
Holy guacamole I have found the holy grail of all shoes that are good. Those leopard print fur oxfords were having a duel with the gold boots(background) and the leopard shoes out-sassed the competition.

Also I pinned some netting to my head because I thought it looked like a hat, which it did not.
I realize that I looked a damn fool, and a mutant sleepy one at that.
I painted my nails "lincoln memorial at midnight" purple/black. I did a surprisingly good job considering the time.
I can't remember... put up posters on closet? clean up room? fall asleep?
Anywhoooo.... COOL STORY HANSEL!

Who's the cat that won't come out when there's danger all about?


Anyways I haven't posted much lately because I'm trying to cram as much summer in as I can before Wednesday. (School phhhlech)

I can't find my camera so I don't have pitchas wa wa waaaaa.

Also I'm watching the most emo Motown song EVER.

who the hell? Emo harmonies and pestering love questions? (ie: hearing "have you seen her?" at least 130 times) Not for me please!

Oh yeah, and all of you who spent many dollas to see Outside Lands, just because you aren't frugile and dropped top dollars to see radiohead and had a great time and many people envy you, that doesn't mean I'm jealous.

OOOh shucks I can't tell a lie...I'm extremely jealous.


I can't do the little things I hold so dear

"It's all those little things that I fear"

Because it costs 65 Bones! Reeedicuhlus! Hey man, all I want to do is go see a concert, man.
I give karaoke concerts for money. C'mon man! Why won't you help me out man! Man, not helping me is lame, man!


Te quiero Barcelona

On Friday (friday?) I saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona and I creo que soy enamorada!
Oh wait, did I say that OUT LOUD?

Basically, Woody Allen directs Penelope, Javier, Scarlett, and a lot of other gorgeous Spain rats to create a new obsession.
1st things 1st:
1. Everybody in the movie is ridicuhlus good looking. Javier Bardem is my boiyee when he isn't wearing the soccer mom 'do.
2. The end made me quite depressed and nostalgic for the good times. Why can't Javier and Penelope just live in peace?
3. Oh yes, did I mention, I now have a huge lady-crush on Penelope because jealousy is not an option. I must still be riding that Girl Interrupted wave because I see her as very Lisa Rowe(Angelina) gets in a drug induced fight with Frida Kahlo and then they adopt a child.
ZOMG I do so love this pelicula so beary beary much! There is no amount of bracket hearts on my keyboard that can aid visually mi amor.
Aaaalso I have downloaded and listened to about 914 times the best song ever from this movie and it's really good for summer nights.
"Barcelona" by Giulia y los Tellarini


Here is a list of all things sinister I have accomplished today:

1. Delete posts that I don't like. I know that seems like cheating, but there are no officials rules to the internet, so don't blast me in here. I usually post stuff at midnight so I usually don't even read most stuff until the next day and then I'm all "Dayum, youz a tired ass bitch, aren't you? You need to be posting shee-it during the light of day."

2. Change the password on all my brother's accounts. You'd think he would be smarter after giving me the code but nooo-oo. And obviously he isn't because the word for everything was cereal. I repeat, cereal. Good, now we all know.

3. Rooted for the bad robot when I watched Transformers. That's only because I knew the god robots were going to win in the end, anyways.

4. Ate all of the blueberry coffee cake leftovers at 12:30 am. Sleepers = weepers, spastic teenage girl who stayed up just to eat some cake = keepers.

5. Took a battery out of Wilder's remote control car. Bitch gotta use her camera!

I think that's about as sinister as things got but oh ho ho does it cause hella chaos.
Oh yes, I also drove places WITHOUT MY LICENSE(on my person)! Aiyee I cannot be controlled!


thunder road, thunder road!

Musically, I have been molded by the 'rents.
(Specifically my dad (who looks like a the mutt product of Bruce Springsteen and Bono))

I made a mathematical equation of how to accomplish my music taste:


Bruce Springsteen The boss multiplied by The Clash the only band that matters plus Debbie Harry and then all divided by Elvis Costello.

I mean, it's just that simple.

and somehow i found a video that incorporated all three (except for debbie)


Bitch is on the loose!

I ain't got no braces so now I'm on the fritz.
What's that you got there? Corn on the cob? The crazy timez have begun.


baby talk

it makes me want to gag

If babies could talk they wouldn't sound like "I want you give me wawaaa becwuz I am so hungwy".
Pretty sure they would put anybody who thinks baby talk sounds cute in their place

Actually, the next time I hear somebody talking like that I'm going to have to ask them if they have a speech impediment.

Ok, I have to go get some wawaa.


If you lived here, you'd be home now

Newly re-inspired by the lunacy that is Girl Interrupted
Sometimes being a pale, boyish, crazy female can be genius
step 1: be a seductive psycho bitch

step 2: wears striped sweaters errday and be pale

step 3: chainsmoke and don't give a damn. (I don't smoke so maybe use straw or toothpicks?)
-What kind of tree can you be, down on the floor?
-I'm a fucking shrub, alright?


Deer hell

Half an hour away from Kyoto there's a town called Nara where deer are a sacred animal. There are literally 100's of domesticated deer that you can pet and feed deer food.

In this true story, that place will be refered to as Deer Hell.

It all started off as an average day for the tourist mother and daughter...

"Don't get any fucking closer, deer"

An abundance of deer pictures were taken, this one on the gateway steps.

Oh the tourist two were openly enjoying this scenic temple with the giant buddah and school children. They would not know of the trials and tribulations to come.

*That's the entrance gate

One might even say they were enjoying the paradise too much when...

ALL OF A SUDDEN A MONSOON came upon them as they were leaving with only 1 tiny umbrella- ella-ella and they were forced to seek shelter under the entrance gate along with 30-40 other tourists.
AND 25 deer.

Extreme measures had to be taken. The deer wanted food, the deer were in mass numbers, and the deer were persistant.

Putting their heads together, the tourist mother and daughter devised a plan to survive deer hell:
huddle in a corner and aim an open umbrella at any oncoming deer. No exceptions.

*re-enactment of Deer Hell

With the aid of a hundred yen, they eventually escaped deer hell after deciding to buy another umbrella.

To this very day, they maintain that no return to deer hell is possible.


"Gaaaaahd mom!" (you gotta let some shit slide)
was the real and half pretend conversation I had with my 'rents.
Dayumm can't they let a sister have some solo time?
To hell with dishes and cleaning and brothers and chores.
I'm getting too old for this shit.
As if.
But wait... for some reason I was explaining something to Kat today about teenagers as if I wasn't one of them. I just forgot. Holla atcha boiyee somebody needs to put me in my place.