On the other hand...

these are things of good luck

choosing my fortune stick

i chose my fortune 3 times at different places and twice I got this one

it wasn't more of a time, it was more like an experience.

This is the only Tokyo night time picture i could salvage.

I really wanted to go

To a zen mall

this looks really calming.
Why did I not go?


I think I have insomnia because you like me and I like it all...
And for some reason this picture is a thing I like
Is it because I look like a starstruck hairless dog or because of my fierce sleeve?
Also this is one of the two or three people I always truly enjoy:
Kat looking like a d-o-double-g, catdog?
ps - I'm working on the japan pictures I KNOW

What it is, what it is.

what is it?
to be a teenager is a thing of the present and I don't take it for granted

Theretofore henceforth I swing until my turn is up then go duriveeng in my car with the Mannitone and the sir parker.
If asked, sir parker moodstown will say that he was faking that jubilence, but I know it was heartfelt and true.
"Oh dear did you lose your shoes?"
Sometimes old people just say the darndest things.

hey babe, your hairs alright

ooooh back from Japan and I'm chronically tired, so I'll post pictorials later.
Basically all my preconceived Japanese stereotypes were a sham!
I'm actually more weary than I thought so I'll just not even try to write now, but I'll definate have pages and encyclopedias worth of pictures and fun facts tomorrow!
For the interim, be contented to know that I am very much pleased to be home.
thanks, thank you, thanks.


turning japanese

Oooooh sweet jesus i'm awefully tard out

Because I'm in Japan and I spent the whole day in very very hot heat trying to find a geisha but I think they were all in hiding because I know that they are in abundance but not one was to be seen. Actually not.

After touring around with my mom's Japanese homebodies for hours i relaxed to flight of the conchords and I don't know where mah motha is at and I don't have money for food and it's so hot and I don't speak japanese and where am I?



AHORA ESTOY EN.... texas.
aka the most crazy pants place on earth
today my cousin asked for my opinion then told me to shut up because i couldn't even control a bowl of jello
somebody? please? get me out of here?


baguette, croissant

Today I do not like France. I still wish to be able to speak french so I can impress all the honies.


most beautiful girl in the copcar

Her name: Heidi Chung, gnome collector

Knock, Knock
Who's there?

gnome one.

I think she should collect mailboxes also

But she kind of has a problem

She hALlucinaTeS ThiNGs alot

Anyways there was a lot of fun to be had and now me and kat are like the cookie parts of the oreo missing our double filling center.

Alas, she has left on a long trip. A very long trip.

Maybe she'll be back for our homecoming? I will never know...

Hey, babes. (imagine me sexily raising my brows at them)