I know and it annoys me


Recently my drama teacher has taken initiative on cleaning out the costume department that has been growing exponentially in the last 30-40 years.
On Saturday I went to help with the clean-up, which consisted of sorting clothes into a pile of clothes to throw away, several piles to give away, clothes to be sold, and clothes that had to be put back.

From this, I acted a garbage collector and took home a truckload of clothes. (yes, I did take from the throw-away pile)

Anyways I now have lots o' lucious vintage. Ariel was also there. She found a box of sequined sailor costumes and wore it the whole time we were there. She looked exactly like Sailor Moon, but with black hair and more like a human being.

I gave 1/3 of it to Gato because I can't break up with most of it. But I'm really happy with everything and even better, it was FREE, that's right crazy dogggz, free!

(Click click click camera them to make them bigger)

Leather jacket - UO, Ho down dress - Drama give-away, DIY converse

Square dance Ho-down style CALL TO ACTION. Bringing back some good ol' timey flavor.

Navy jumper - drama give-away, belt - mom's vintage, shoes- vintage Charles Jourdan

Skirt - Drama give-away, shirt - AA, necklace - Fredflare

Psychedellic skirt - lovin' it! It's the perfect length to wear long with heels, or alter up and inch for sandals - or should I shorten it to make a mini? Decisions...

Lace dress - Drama for sale section

I couldn't get any good pictures of it, but this dress is my favorite thing I got. Even though it was on one of the for-sale racks, I got it fo free sucka! Not stealing, just payment for helping organize.

Green dress - drama give-away

Hello lover.

50's Prom dress - Drama give-away

Boxers w/ suspenders - drama Throw-away pile, shirt - AA, shoes - drama throw-away
*thanks thank you thanks to Lauren

I think I'm going to turn these boxers into a skirt

There's also the stuff I gave to Gato and the stuff I didn't picture:
- gold wonder woman belt
- pair grey suede pumpls
- pair black leather sandal wedges
- sequined sailor costume
- green striped taffeta skirt
- fuschia cotton dress
- grey, white, pink cotton sundress
- yacht club sweater

It was a pretty good collection this time. Still debating whether or not I'll buy anything on the annual springtime Haight-Ashbury vintage outing.

Also I'm still trying to find ways to modernize all the great vintage I got from my granpere and his wife.