brown crown

Lately I've really been wanting to bleach my hair blond or dye it red. I don't know why because it would look like crap, especially at shoulder length.

Yarrr I won't do it, but I'll probably still have that itch for a few more days.
Most brunettes are bitchy, I won't deny it. Sometimes I feel like I wouldn't have my bitch moments if I had lighter hair. Truth be told, the only way to change your personality is to be reincarnated. When people change their appearance to change how others perceive them, the only person they fool is themselves.

Enough ranting, here's some lovely brunettes;

I think vintage Barbies are better because they have an unreasonable pout and bitchy eyebrows.
(I couldn't find an attractive picture of an original one and I don't actually have any barbies of my own)
Sometimes I wish I was still a little girl so I could enjoy simple things, like Barbies. Have you ever seen how happy it makes a kid to get a new toy? You'd think they were on crack the way some of them have a near-seizure when they get a new video game or some other useless shit. I'm envious of their toy-induced ecstasy.

Sophia Loren and her sister in Rome - 1964. Such a great picture from Time magazine. You can tell that even without all the makeup, she must have been a beautiful person anyways.

Another picture from Time of Parisians in the 60's. Love the makeup and clothing.

Cher in the 60's. I'm definitely NOT a Cher fan, but this is cool.