Haiku #40

Pecan Pie
Just ate my body
weight in turkey: going to
puke. But wait - DESSERT?!?!?


Haikus #38 and #39

Hell, why not?
A homeless man wants
me to be his wifey. Got
to think about this.

Mi vida en sofa
My motivational
system is bullshit. Eat
or sleep? Sleep or eat?


Haiku #37

Have you heard my freestyle?
No, I am not black -
But that doesn't mean that I
am not Lil' Weezy


Call me / procrastination

Haikus #34, #35, and #36

My understanding of a Lil Wayne song
blowin purple clouds:
I'm so sky high (what the fuck's
he saying?) weezy

Sunday night - 11:57
station. I should catch a train
to... maybe later

Learn to speak fluent girl
And by "Aaaaw you look
sooo cute!" I really mean "You
look like a skank, ho."


Haikus #32 and #33

Grow some and get out
I'm over it and
it's snowing like hell. Please take
me to the mountains!

My Weekend
snowboarding, drinking
smoking, and yummy nom noms;
Love this white blizzard.


It's a wild world

My head is all over the place trying to catch up with my heart. I think I'm going to hold off from writing haiku's till I can clear my mind and sort things out.* All I can say is that sometimes (all of the time) I like everyone too much. I need to start hating people.

*although I want to do another picture post + haiku's are how I make a living


Haiku #31

Today will be a
good day. "Why" you say? Because
I fucking say so.

good music:

I love kids:


Haikus #29 and #30

Strep throat
I want to get high-
so high my head is in the
clouds; toes in the dirt.

Plan B
No, I want to run
away. Away from my mind
to an In-N-Out.


funk this shit

Too much on my mind for haiku's... some amateur poetry will do I guess? (sorry for profanity but my vocabulary is limited)

I feel like curling up in my fuzzy blanket.
There I can attempt to ignore my thoughts
but my dreams won't be about the future;
more like about You as a monstrous villain or
perhaps as ecstasy in human form.
Either way - it's unhealthy.
And I don't want to be sick.

But I am sick and it's not the swine flu
nor is it in my head. It's in my heart -
the vital organ that secretly despises me
and, like a dick, leads me to love too easily.
Ha, but I'm not easy.

So who is wrong here?
Because it most certainly is not me...
but that would mean it is You. And it can't be
You because without me there would be
no misunderstanding which leads my brain,
made of cells and tissues,
to rip and shred apart like overused tights.
Ouch. My heart decided to follow this trend as well.

Shit - I think I'm going to go hide in my fuzzy,
yellow blanket where my thoughts can't find me.
You will be there, too.