Haikus #27 and #28

Love thou biotch.
love is like a song,
y'know the one about pimps
and ho's and scrillas?

Just putting it out there
I should warn you - I
can be very deceptive,
but also very dumb.


Costume ideas

checkout them toes - mmm...


cuz I'm funky fresh

or just a bad ass, but that wouldn't really be a costume, would it?


Haiku #26

Every day time second
Lifting me higher
till I forget where I am-
but you bring me back.

God I'm so fucking corny, somebody give me a good dose of pessimism.

*edit: this was written for my peanut butter and banana sandwich, wish I had clarified that earlier, sorry dudes


Haiku #25

I deleted this one, it sucked


Gramma's going wild

I have a shit ton of random pictures saved up on my computer. I would credit sources, but I can't remember because...well. I might add more random images later


Haikus #23 and #24

That annoying song you hate
Play count: thirty-six
I will listen ten more times
and I do not care.

the sound that is "hhhh"
does not compare to that made
by the mighty "rrrr"


Haikus #21 and #22

These two haikus come from the fact that every 13 out of 14 meals in my week comes from the cafeteria.

I'll pass
Made of lard, vomit
or perhaps both? "Special sauce"-
you do not fool me.

Rude? I have a goal.
hurry up your fat
ass - I gots to go get my
soft-serve ice cream on.


Haiku #20

I wish we were each other's to have
You're teasing me with
untold jokes and kisses that
will never take place.


haikus #18 and #19

An ode is better than a gift card to Barnes and Noble
This is a tribute
to outshine any honor
you might have thought of.

From the Bay
I could be gangsta
but I'd rather be shanking
unicorns, instead.