who gives a *censored* about an oxford comma?

Really. I would like to know. Please tell me who?
ANAY WAYS here are some of the pictures from Treasure Island Music Festival a week ago:
"Treasure Island: The island of no escape"
"oh MY GOOOD .

num num num...

Ezra, Oh Ezra and your Vampire Weekend

How theWHO the hell?
Tegan and Sarah

JACK WHIIIIITE! + The Raconteurs (oh how glorious he is with his zombie visage)

thaaaaaynks Kyaaaat!

I don't want to be your friend, I just want to be your lover

OK OK enough alreadyyyyy

my mind is on In Rainbows replay mode

Obviously I've got a problem, and I acknowledge that. (posts, titles, picture thing on top ALL stolen because they have taken over my ideas)

but SHEEEIT man hustlin ain't easy... need to mooch more pictures.


to avoid this tide who shan't sweep me up

I saw this in seafoam swirl of a randomn blog somewhere that has no name, so who shall I give credit to? SPEAK UP FOOL. (it was probably on myspace first)

This is just to kind of to tide the time.
8 things I am passionate about:
1. finding something cool
2. traipsing circles around my friends
3. getting there right now, not tomorrow
4. keeping it fresh
5. surpressing angst/ angry feelings
6. telling people when they're wrong
7. keeping secrets
8. tie dye

8 Things I want to do before I die:
1. choose my own path
2. have a birthday paryy at chuckee cheese
3. win an argument without whining
4. tell you the way I feel inside
5. win a contest
6. run naked in the streets
7. become more musically talented
8. learn to take something seriously

8 things I say a lot
1. anyways
2. balls
3. whatever you want
4. booty booty booty booty rocking everywhere
5. - awkward silence a lot -
6. siiiiick
7. yes
8. si

8 books I have read lately
1. Brave New World(school)
2. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
3. I Love You, Beth Cooper
4. East of Eden
5. I was
6. illeterate
7. before this
8. summer

8 songs I could listen to over and over (not ranked)
1. Oxford, comma - Vampire weekend
2. We're gonna be friends - White Stripes
3. Dear Prudence - Beatles
4. Take a walk on the wild side - Lou Reed
5. The way I feel inside - the zombies (this song always makes me cry)
6. Kissing the lipless - The Shins
7. Straight to hell - The Clash
8. Sea of Love - Cat Power

8 things that attract me to my best friends
1. my best of friends are all hilarious and should have everything they ever say recorded and saved forever
2. common interests (collecting candles, love of fine art, long walks on the beach...)
3. style
4. prowess
5. they listen to the constant crap that spews out of my mouf
6. they are cool
7. wise, they are much more wise
8. they know I have the crazy pants and are fine with dat

also sometime if it's possible somebody will figure out how to turn me into a paper doll?

No? You can't do it? My heart is broken.


Forget about your house of cards

I've not been stylish lately... or have I?
My camera died so nobooty would know.


wait HEY YOU

Somebody please please please find this girls on the streets of London and Fed Ex her on over here so I can have a personal fashion maker who will sew me outfits and create styles the likes of which this town has never seen before. I'll pay for the shipping and handling costs, you find the girl.

(Picture from face hunter...again)

also click it for a close up of her makeup and hair. How is this achieved?


My parents found the illegal substance in my car and are not angry!

They're not angry.
They're not angry?


Who the hell are they to be so chill about this? Why can't they just ground me or something so I learn a life lesson? They are raising a hideous beast.
B T Dubs, Treasure Island Music Festival was off the heezy (chain, hizzy, wall, hook).
but SOMEBODYYYYYkat hasn't posted the pictures yet so I'll. just. wait.


I can have it please.

Cosas that I WANT

If I make enough posts about these things I'll get them eventually, right?


A vintage faux fur leopard overcoat a la Mrs. Robinson.


All Star Lights, They look better in the cloth. Oh the havoc I will cause in these bad boys.


Every T-shirt by Rockers NYC. Puhhhlease you will give them to meeee?


Mouth mold necklace wif a gold toof.


dries van dress up

SUDDEN life Epiphany. Tonight I was looking through all my pictures (as in every picture that has ever existed) and I realized that I dress up too much. Some of these are realllllly old as in before I started losing my shit.
OH WAIT, my shit is back together again, kinda.

back to the point: I dress up too much for a young miss.

Baaaas vhateva here are some of my favoritos:

Way back when I was such a fool and started disco-vering all things good (hint: not bailey's or watercolors or beanie babies)
Oh sweet jay-zus these times were so classy.

hula skirts galore and jumpin bean timez

OH GOD scariest true life event everrrrrr

true story this actually happened and the daily flight of the maddies was quite awe-inspiring

YUUUUS Halloween '07! Possibly my favorite disguise yet! also i was very sneaky that day

(best Moschino Cheap and Chic dress EVER)
Me gusta this photo because it's got one of those androgynous boy girl boy girl boy girl in a dress which is it? looks. Maybe not in the right way though....

sponge boob pants.

(yes I know what I said)

*ps- you know when I feel I can label something the proverbial "bitchin" that I'm doing better.


Once again...

Fuck my life
This isn't me trying to be cool or urbane or emotastic
Seriously it's tuesday and I'm already having the worst week ever.


Things that make me need to turn kimya dawson(non medicinal zoloft) up and avoid love songs even though I feel the rare twang for Coldplay:

1) I backed up into a firehiredrant today and tore up my bumper (haven't told rents yet)
2) Don't have as much money as I would like which creates tension between concert tickets and new pipe and winter clothes and birthday presents and fun
3) Person x who I thought liked me doesn't and I got all googly-eyed for nothing. DAMMIT high school really sucks right now.
4) I still have a seventh period and can't change that
5) money situation means I can't purchase more california green
6) It's really cold out and that is making me more depressed, I feel like the deaf-mute girl who no one talks to in some kind of romantic french pelicula
7) Soma is sounding really good right now if you know what that is and I'm such a loser for mentioning that.

If you read this post at least 3 weeks from now I'll be feeling a lot better.

Also the cold is adding to depressment, is it chillllly enough for me to wear the thigh high socks kat said I can't wear? almost and I'll wear them anyways.


Not fuck it, just fuck.

I'm simply saying, you know

Heidi chung you will be my friend plz?

Oh wait, you already are! You are mein liepschen! That must be why I recieved a charming care package in the mail today...

Personalized sneaks + savage chocolate pretzel sticks + snappy note

I don't plan on ever wearing these because I want to preserve their pristineness for all the generations to come.

Also I really liked the outfit I wore today which was a combination of toddler shirt + fat UPS worker shorts.

I've got a good stiff barbie arm pose here

And thennnn and thennnn and then I found a bowtie for my hurr. I'm a little overly-proud of myself.



Hey um remember when I made this beautiful discovery in July?

Yes, well NYC fashion week decided to rip it off.

Not fair, not fair at all. (from facehunter)

In the news this weekend...

I guess you could say it was the worst time of my life in the history of ever.

NOT! (high five!)

On Friday night was the welcome back dance which was sports themed because our school only has like 4 themes that get rotated every year.

Respect the strength, oooh watch those muscles burn.
Also, yes. Of COURSE we get decked out.
(me, laura, kelly, milaina [missing dani and alexa])

After the dance where I acted a fool and made a huge ass out of my dumbshitself, I went to Villa de Lauren. A good time was to be had by all and so were some refreshers.

Oh my what an adooooorable batch of teenagers and OH LOOK! They're pooosing!

We were totally photogenic:

Way to be!

Some people say I'm an attention hog, I have no idea why!

And of course I mastered a great feat...

My ability to be a dojo will be hampered by nothing.

Saturday was the Power to the Peaceful festival in Golden gate park from 11:00 to 5:00, but me and the Kat(and her main squeeze) didn't get their until 4:45. WAY TO RUIN EVERYTHING TRAFFIC AND NO PARKING!
So I endured the rest of the night and weekend hearing about how superb it was and about how much smoking went down and how it was the best.thing.ever.!

O.K. yeah, well... you guys are not gonna be as cool when you don't get to stay for the Lovefest afterparty! (which i'm really looking forward to because it's laura's birthday)

Fuck me, right?

I'm just going to run away.


go cry on your coconut cake

Today suuuucked.

People were trying to make me feel better but I wasn't having any of it, which is a shame. Don't even understand why I am so cranky. maybe I'll put on my "don't bother me I'm crabby" T-shirt.
Here's a list of things I was:
cold and hot(not spicey)
The only thing that can cheer me up now is a picture of Parker in extreme icey water shock.


I've just seen a face

I can't forget the time or place where we first met
She's just the girl for me and I want all the world to see we've met.

How many times did I hear this song today? Don't know but it was all good.

I'll post beach stuff later, but right now I'm all burned (out) and I look like a monster bleaaah.