loco like a choo choo

I don't know why, but for the past couple of days I've felt really creepy. Whether I was feeling energetic, sad, or any other emotion, I was just plain creepy. I wasn't spying on neighbors through the curtains or internet stalking people or doing anything remotely creepy. Still, the creepness was surrounding like an aura.
Oh yeah, it FREAKS people out. Fortunately, nobody seemed to notice my new found creepiness that I wasn't flamboyantly displaying.

here's a haiku about situations from my creeper point of view

She's got a mustache
Have I been staring too long?
Oh shit...look at shoes

I guess it doesn't even matter seeing as how nobody caught on...it was all in my cabeza.
To all out there who shun their creeper instincts, I say "Have no fear of being creepy, embrace it! Treat is as you would any other passing instinct!"
(Just don't watch any slasher films or play with haunted toys when in this phase - this will surely trigger an axe-muderer response or some such similar killing spree)

These things embody the (passing) CREEPNESS, which isn't the worst thing in the world and can be kinda inspiring sometimes.

scanned heels by Peter Miszuk

Image by Laura Laine
Go to Laura Laine's website and see her insane drawing skills that kill

Hand-crocheted mask by Arielle de Pinto
Can I have one? These masks would be such a cool gift (hinthinthint). I don't think I'd ever use one, but I would definitely make it a centerpiece on my wall O'glory.

"Face of War" by Salvador Dali
I have this framed in my room. Despite the whatnot of it all, this is probably one of my favorite skull images - I think the details make it beautiful. Maybe this is why I'm so creeeeeepy. Or maybe I just sound like a pompous/pretentious ass.