Bigger than guns, bigger than cigarettes

Next winter you know I'm gonna be rocking these. Days and days of making them myself? probably not, but it'll be on my mind. (the fabric is in your miiiind)

Fall collections usually aren't my favorite because I like bright flowery prints more, but these are better than satisfactory.

Ruffian Acne

I really like this new embroidered tights-as-a-bodysuit thing, and I would definitely wear those see through jeans if I had model legs. But in the winter? Feh, who's legs would not be so ghostly pale that they'd have to go tanning before wearing them?

Alexander Wang Christopher Kane

Basically, I like shiny things and black: this is perfect. Also, I like shear. I mean I really, really like shear. (I mean when there's something underneath to covers ups the bits and pieces)
But shear is a good thing. Acutally, I'm going down to Joanne's right now to buy myself some shear chiffon for my chiffarobe where I'll shelves shoes and sheeps' sheddings.

Peter Som Jak&Jill or Facehunter?

Ooooh hot damn, I do love some nonsensical combining. Psychedellic printing and faux fur, the two things I hold so dear in this crazy mixed up world? How did you know, Peter Som? You dirty son-of-a-pig mind reader.

And those shoes? I'm going to have to diy it up in this motha. Googly eyes, sequins, rhinestones, and paint: meet your maker.

Did you take my money?

Last weekend we went to el ciudad for Lauren's birthday. shopped ate and such and then went to hippie hill (duh duh duhhhh)

Wait what? B'scuuuse me? I'm sort of not really but yes ok I'm in love with the place, and I don't mean "i <3 u" kind of love, sheesh I'm not going to marry the place. But it's a good squatting ground.

"Freedom"... freedom to walk around covered in foam pads so I look like I'm about to go and send this freedom to eternal damnation? We all interpret it our own way.

Aw dammit, here comes the maddie, screwing up the pictures. Always making the face trying to score some babes. (no wait, B@beZ)

Aaaaaahlso, I found way #76 to wear the leather jacket

I just need some sunsunsun

Well no, not really. You're wrong

I'm going to Utah with the brahs to shred it up on my snowboard.
Actually, what I meant to say is that I'm going to Salt Lake with my family where I'll be scared on the slopes.

Whatever brah, I got a new beanie. No, not a knitted cap, a b-e-a-n-i-e.

Guess I'll leave you with this (ignore all the jibba-jabba. I'm loving me some ODB (which could also be Ol' Dead Bastard (I don't feel confortable with that )))


I got 5 on it

Make that thang bigger? Just click away like auctions on ebay.

"Ridin Dirrrrty"
more things to come


russet is off to who knows where with forest green

There are 2 things I need to address; art and poetry. This shall be short, sweet, and curt.

Thang 1

I really like the drawings by Fernanda Cohen. The one above is a party I want to be a part of.
Her work is clean and cluttered at the same time, which is a good thing. I especially like the next one of Woody Allen, who I wish could be my god-father (but sans that whole pedophile thing).


Have any of you ever heard of some swank beatnik poet named Ken Nordine?
I just started listening to and reading some of his work. Right now I'm obsessed with a series of poems he did about the characteristics of colors.

Has anybody else ever dwelled upon how the number 3 seems like a brat? What about how the letter Z thinks it is too cool for school, or how 8 is the most insecure number of them all?*

Ken Nordine does just this by describing the personalities of different colors and their relationships with other colors. There's not much of his recorded work on youtube, so here's the best I could find.

Everything he says about the colors seems spot-on and makes me laugh at how ridiculous it is that I agree with him. Try not to use the visuals in these clips as a guide.

"Of course it's only a Beige Rage"

"the juicy little tidbits of inside that we can get from her"

"There's the green that should never have happened, the stupid green."


I know and it annoys me


Recently my drama teacher has taken initiative on cleaning out the costume department that has been growing exponentially in the last 30-40 years.
On Saturday I went to help with the clean-up, which consisted of sorting clothes into a pile of clothes to throw away, several piles to give away, clothes to be sold, and clothes that had to be put back.

From this, I acted a garbage collector and took home a truckload of clothes. (yes, I did take from the throw-away pile)

Anyways I now have lots o' lucious vintage. Ariel was also there. She found a box of sequined sailor costumes and wore it the whole time we were there. She looked exactly like Sailor Moon, but with black hair and more like a human being.

I gave 1/3 of it to Gato because I can't break up with most of it. But I'm really happy with everything and even better, it was FREE, that's right crazy dogggz, free!

(Click click click camera them to make them bigger)

Leather jacket - UO, Ho down dress - Drama give-away, DIY converse

Square dance Ho-down style CALL TO ACTION. Bringing back some good ol' timey flavor.

Navy jumper - drama give-away, belt - mom's vintage, shoes- vintage Charles Jourdan

Skirt - Drama give-away, shirt - AA, necklace - Fredflare

Psychedellic skirt - lovin' it! It's the perfect length to wear long with heels, or alter up and inch for sandals - or should I shorten it to make a mini? Decisions...

Lace dress - Drama for sale section

I couldn't get any good pictures of it, but this dress is my favorite thing I got. Even though it was on one of the for-sale racks, I got it fo free sucka! Not stealing, just payment for helping organize.

Green dress - drama give-away

Hello lover.

50's Prom dress - Drama give-away

Boxers w/ suspenders - drama Throw-away pile, shirt - AA, shoes - drama throw-away
*thanks thank you thanks to Lauren

I think I'm going to turn these boxers into a skirt

There's also the stuff I gave to Gato and the stuff I didn't picture:
- gold wonder woman belt
- pair grey suede pumpls
- pair black leather sandal wedges
- sequined sailor costume
- green striped taffeta skirt
- fuschia cotton dress
- grey, white, pink cotton sundress
- yacht club sweater

It was a pretty good collection this time. Still debating whether or not I'll buy anything on the annual springtime Haight-Ashbury vintage outing.

Also I'm still trying to find ways to modernize all the great vintage I got from my granpere and his wife.


"he said...she said"

NOT what it sounds like!

I'm desperately needing me some kind of a quote for the all-knowing yearbook.
So far all the quotes I have are actually kind unhopeful and/or inappropriate.


anyways here are some I have, not sure if they're usable:

I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can't see from the center.
- Kurt Vonnegut
I'll try hard not to pretend
Allow myself no mock defense
As I step into the night
-The Shins
I'm still searching fo more...gimme gimme suggestions


+ ironic t-shirts

I'm going to be straight with you and get some things off my chest. In all Honesty, I think you are stupid, ridiculous, NO ME GUSTA (if you know what I'm sayin). Sometimes it all bothers me and I don't find that it suits its purpose.

There are things out there which must be brought to our attention.
So here's to you, clueless people/ things to which I say DO NOT:

Yes, I'm talking to you, Brad.

Nessie, you're just so passe aren't you? With your in and out of the spotlight everybody is just clamouring over themselves to get a snapshot of you. Get lost, drama queen.

President's club (click it):

OK, get out of Obama's house now

Mannequins...so many things wrong with mannequins. I'm not going to go there.

OH YES - also I just ordered my quilted Cult Club purse from Itsumi, I'll post when I get it.