Here is a list of all things sinister I have accomplished today:

1. Delete posts that I don't like. I know that seems like cheating, but there are no officials rules to the internet, so don't blast me in here. I usually post stuff at midnight so I usually don't even read most stuff until the next day and then I'm all "Dayum, youz a tired ass bitch, aren't you? You need to be posting shee-it during the light of day."

2. Change the password on all my brother's accounts. You'd think he would be smarter after giving me the code but nooo-oo. And obviously he isn't because the word for everything was cereal. I repeat, cereal. Good, now we all know.

3. Rooted for the bad robot when I watched Transformers. That's only because I knew the god robots were going to win in the end, anyways.

4. Ate all of the blueberry coffee cake leftovers at 12:30 am. Sleepers = weepers, spastic teenage girl who stayed up just to eat some cake = keepers.

5. Took a battery out of Wilder's remote control car. Bitch gotta use her camera!

I think that's about as sinister as things got but oh ho ho does it cause hella chaos.
Oh yes, I also drove places WITHOUT MY LICENSE(on my person)! Aiyee I cannot be controlled!