Intro to my holding space...

So once last thursday night I was hiking up Mt. Kilimanjaro...
when I decided that it was a good time to clean my room.
but then I got distracted and took many snapshots of the cave I live in.

Start time 12:30 am

Sleep deprivation festival started out with some self-taken narcissistic photos to see what i was looking like.


Then I realized how my sock monkey was looking really glamorous next to the disco stand.
It occurred to me how much I love my wall de cosas.


By this time I was loopy and my mind was all like "take artsy shots. TAKE-ARTSY-SHOTS NOW!" And I was in no mood to argue so I did what I do best: look like I've overdosed on sleeping pills while trying to look like a sophisticated ugly duck that could.
Holy guacamole I have found the holy grail of all shoes that are good. Those leopard print fur oxfords were having a duel with the gold boots(background) and the leopard shoes out-sassed the competition.

Also I pinned some netting to my head because I thought it looked like a hat, which it did not.
I realize that I looked a damn fool, and a mutant sleepy one at that.
I painted my nails "lincoln memorial at midnight" purple/black. I did a surprisingly good job considering the time.
I can't remember... put up posters on closet? clean up room? fall asleep?
Anywhoooo.... COOL STORY HANSEL!