Te quiero Barcelona

On Friday (friday?) I saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona and I creo que soy enamorada!
Oh wait, did I say that OUT LOUD?

Basically, Woody Allen directs Penelope, Javier, Scarlett, and a lot of other gorgeous Spain rats to create a new obsession.
1st things 1st:
1. Everybody in the movie is ridicuhlus good looking. Javier Bardem is my boiyee when he isn't wearing the soccer mom 'do.
2. The end made me quite depressed and nostalgic for the good times. Why can't Javier and Penelope just live in peace?
3. Oh yes, did I mention, I now have a huge lady-crush on Penelope because jealousy is not an option. I must still be riding that Girl Interrupted wave because I see her as very Lisa Rowe(Angelina) gets in a drug induced fight with Frida Kahlo and then they adopt a child.
ZOMG I do so love this pelicula so beary beary much! There is no amount of bracket hearts on my keyboard that can aid visually mi amor.
Aaaalso I have downloaded and listened to about 914 times the best song ever from this movie and it's really good for summer nights.
"Barcelona" by Giulia y los Tellarini