Who's the cat that won't come out when there's danger all about?


Anyways I haven't posted much lately because I'm trying to cram as much summer in as I can before Wednesday. (School phhhlech)

I can't find my camera so I don't have pitchas wa wa waaaaa.

Also I'm watching the most emo Motown song EVER.

who the hell? Emo harmonies and pestering love questions? (ie: hearing "have you seen her?" at least 130 times) Not for me please!

Oh yeah, and all of you who spent many dollas to see Outside Lands, just because you aren't frugile and dropped top dollars to see radiohead and had a great time and many people envy you, that doesn't mean I'm jealous.

OOOh shucks I can't tell a lie...I'm extremely jealous.