Deer hell

Half an hour away from Kyoto there's a town called Nara where deer are a sacred animal. There are literally 100's of domesticated deer that you can pet and feed deer food.

In this true story, that place will be refered to as Deer Hell.

It all started off as an average day for the tourist mother and daughter...

"Don't get any fucking closer, deer"

An abundance of deer pictures were taken, this one on the gateway steps.

Oh the tourist two were openly enjoying this scenic temple with the giant buddah and school children. They would not know of the trials and tribulations to come.

*That's the entrance gate

One might even say they were enjoying the paradise too much when...

ALL OF A SUDDEN A MONSOON came upon them as they were leaving with only 1 tiny umbrella- ella-ella and they were forced to seek shelter under the entrance gate along with 30-40 other tourists.
AND 25 deer.

Extreme measures had to be taken. The deer wanted food, the deer were in mass numbers, and the deer were persistant.

Putting their heads together, the tourist mother and daughter devised a plan to survive deer hell:
huddle in a corner and aim an open umbrella at any oncoming deer. No exceptions.

*re-enactment of Deer Hell

With the aid of a hundred yen, they eventually escaped deer hell after deciding to buy another umbrella.

To this very day, they maintain that no return to deer hell is possible.