high rollers

On Saturday many people went to see the A's and then fireworks,
but the only people who mattered were us.

I'm not even a big fan but it was my barrel uh monkies

Started out on bart: Cordelia with her huge sack making some kind of gesture with Laura that I am peering at over the seat.... it's not what it looks like...

ew, you have a dirty mind.

oh lord we always have to have group photos.
(from left to right: justin, lauren, me, laura, gino, kat, naomi, cordelia, yunus)

gino is in the background like that in every shot. WAY TO RUIN EVERYTHING.

not really

Best. fireworks. showcase. ever.
music lineup:
1. sonny and cher
2. beyonce
3. shakira
4. run dmc + aerosmith
5. by this time I was too dazed and amazed by the infinite explosions

Yeah, it's true, everyone else was staring at them "aawwwwe so cuuuuute".
So then kat took a picture and we realized what losers we were being.

To recap it all it was a spastic realaxed night + we won a free pizza, lotto ticket, and keychain per person so yeah, you can say that we are pretty high rollers.

aaaaaaaaalso tomorrow anybody who has ever had a good idea is going to the beach.
It's gonna be cold so you know i'm bringing 15 and a half blankets for myself.