Once again...

Fuck my life
This isn't me trying to be cool or urbane or emotastic
Seriously it's tuesday and I'm already having the worst week ever.


Things that make me need to turn kimya dawson(non medicinal zoloft) up and avoid love songs even though I feel the rare twang for Coldplay:

1) I backed up into a firehiredrant today and tore up my bumper (haven't told rents yet)
2) Don't have as much money as I would like which creates tension between concert tickets and new pipe and winter clothes and birthday presents and fun
3) Person x who I thought liked me doesn't and I got all googly-eyed for nothing. DAMMIT high school really sucks right now.
4) I still have a seventh period and can't change that
5) money situation means I can't purchase more california green
6) It's really cold out and that is making me more depressed, I feel like the deaf-mute girl who no one talks to in some kind of romantic french pelicula
7) Soma is sounding really good right now if you know what that is and I'm such a loser for mentioning that.

If you read this post at least 3 weeks from now I'll be feeling a lot better.

Also the cold is adding to depressment, is it chillllly enough for me to wear the thigh high socks kat said I can't wear? almost and I'll wear them anyways.