dries van dress up

SUDDEN life Epiphany. Tonight I was looking through all my pictures (as in every picture that has ever existed) and I realized that I dress up too much. Some of these are realllllly old as in before I started losing my shit.
OH WAIT, my shit is back together again, kinda.

back to the point: I dress up too much for a young miss.

Baaaas vhateva here are some of my favoritos:

Way back when I was such a fool and started disco-vering all things good (hint: not bailey's or watercolors or beanie babies)
Oh sweet jay-zus these times were so classy.

hula skirts galore and jumpin bean timez

OH GOD scariest true life event everrrrrr

true story this actually happened and the daily flight of the maddies was quite awe-inspiring

YUUUUS Halloween '07! Possibly my favorite disguise yet! also i was very sneaky that day

(best Moschino Cheap and Chic dress EVER)
Me gusta this photo because it's got one of those androgynous boy girl boy girl boy girl in a dress which is it? looks. Maybe not in the right way though....

sponge boob pants.

(yes I know what I said)

*ps- you know when I feel I can label something the proverbial "bitchin" that I'm doing better.