In the news this weekend...

I guess you could say it was the worst time of my life in the history of ever.

NOT! (high five!)

On Friday night was the welcome back dance which was sports themed because our school only has like 4 themes that get rotated every year.

Respect the strength, oooh watch those muscles burn.
Also, yes. Of COURSE we get decked out.
(me, laura, kelly, milaina [missing dani and alexa])

After the dance where I acted a fool and made a huge ass out of my dumbshitself, I went to Villa de Lauren. A good time was to be had by all and so were some refreshers.

Oh my what an adooooorable batch of teenagers and OH LOOK! They're pooosing!

We were totally photogenic:

Way to be!

Some people say I'm an attention hog, I have no idea why!

And of course I mastered a great feat...

My ability to be a dojo will be hampered by nothing.

Saturday was the Power to the Peaceful festival in Golden gate park from 11:00 to 5:00, but me and the Kat(and her main squeeze) didn't get their until 4:45. WAY TO RUIN EVERYTHING TRAFFIC AND NO PARKING!
So I endured the rest of the night and weekend hearing about how superb it was and about how much smoking went down and how it was the best.thing.ever.!

O.K. yeah, well... you guys are not gonna be as cool when you don't get to stay for the Lovefest afterparty! (which i'm really looking forward to because it's laura's birthday)