Harrison, TX: 1952

For drama I did a scene today with he who must not be named... i.e. idiot who makes me look like a fool.

Gawud it was aweful.

Anyways long story short he didn't dress in character and I did... typical. I was supposed to be a teenager in East Texas in the 50's.

It took forever (forever ever, forever ever?) to decide what to wear. Eventually narrowed it down to these two options.

cardigan - grandma's, kilt skirt - mom's, heels - Charle's Jourdan

Liked this one more, but doesn't read as teenager/ teeny bopper enough. The skirt is so cool. Evidently, it can be worn inside out too.

t-shirt - H&M, skirt - vintage, belt - vintage

This was more girly and all, so I stuck with that. Even though the scene went terribly, all the nice compliments about my outfit made up for it a little bit.

Even if you didn't tell me TO MY FACE (yeah say it beez), I still captured those compliments and stored them in my good things knapsack like the invisible karate ninja that I am.


Alaalalaalaso (also) I recieved a fricking sweet gift from my grandmammy a few weeks ago but was hesistant to post about it.

She gave me a fly dress...

Aaah the glory. It was her honeymoon dress from the late 50's. Imagine above the knee perfect hourglass figure barbie shape dress coverend in trim and sequins.

When I wear this dress you're gonna be all "LIFE ALERT, life alert! I just saw something mean spicey hot and I can't get up!". Why? Because I be looking damn fine in my gettup.

I'm only giving a preview because I'll probably end up wearing it for Ball... that is if I remain the exact same weight/size for the next 5 months which is unlikely. All I can say is the dress is like butta, a big stick of butta.