crapple snapple pop

I haven't really had time to post anything lately (effffff YOU college apps)
Now that it's Thanksgiving break and all, maybe I'll have time to catch up.

Anyways I don't have any pictures yet so I guess I'll just shoot the breeze a little?

Last weekend was Wilder's Bar Mitzvah (he's a man now!(not really he sucks)). 4 days of family time has left me too weary and annoyed to be even a little peppy for Thanksgiving. Who are these people coming over anyways?

Here's an imaginary conversation between me and randomn distant family members who i don't know who are staying for thanksgiving:

Me: Hello, Happy Thanksgiving
Horrid Older Slob Cousin: You too, also, I think you are uppity and a bitch
Me: uuuuhhh
HOSC: Fahhaaha I was joking
Me: (fake laughter) So what's new with you?
HOSC: Just chillllin' dude (translates to community college for 3 years and I'm not really very good at anything)
Me: Did you find a job yet?
HOSC: No, I'm too busy being fug and horrid.
--enter crazy aunt----
Crazy Aunt: I made GUMBO! With some mushrooms and tree fungus I found in the front yard!
Me: Mmmm, sounds good, but I'm going to have to pass because I actually am allergic to gumbo.
HOSC: Oh, I forgot to tell you that I ate all the gumbo while you were talking in a baby voice to the dogs.
Me: Oh... darn, what a shame.
CA: Lucky you Miss Madison that I brought some nut cookies I made from tumbleweeds!
Me: It's Maddie, short for Madeline-
CA: And cranberry sauce made from real cranes!
Me: sick, I can't wait.
HOSC: Ok, I'm gonna go drink beer because it's legal and to show you all that I'm a real man.
Me: FYI, the beer is located outside of the house and we have this rule where if you drink, you have to stand isolated, by yourself, in a corner until we say you can come back.


That's pretty much it for now, I'll post pictures from the Bar Mitzvah and other stuff when I get them, cheerio.