Holla at my boys ZAZA, AEISS and FNAPPY

Thanksgiving leaves me dreading Channukah parties. TOO.MUCH.FAMILY.TIME. Those awkward family conversations I predicted went exactly as imaginined. Hey there 1-year-older cousin freakin talking to me like I'm 10 and 2nd cousin's psychotic husband who responds to everything with a too-large smile and nervous laugh while his eyes try to escape his face.

Change subjects like I change identitiesSAYWHAAAAAAT?

Y'know LOLCATZ right? Yes you do.
Dis videyo about dem (make that chaaaaange...lookin'ass kitty)

If you don't like it, all I can say is that I've had too much turkey and the dopamine is circulating in my cerebellum like MADCRAZY OFFTHECHAIN.
Also right now I'm overloading on The Strokes and Radiohead, it doesn't get much better.