Let's go down, down, down lower where I know I should not go

Today I didn't really feel like taming my natural-perm hair as a form of manners to house guests.
Wore my new/vintage velvet skirt + boyscout shirt.

When wearing a boyscout shirt, I think I reserve the right to shout "FUCK THE POLICE" when I damn well feel like it
The hierarchy in Lafayette should go (from top to bottom) 1. Boyscouts 2. soccer moms 3. kids with c.cards 4. hot guys at pizza antica in the summer 5. police 6. girl scouts 7. anybody else (oh wait, the mayor. Who IS the mayor/ do we even have one?)
From now on, this is how the Lafayette council shall be organized.

For further enjoyment here's my Thanksgiving (aka hiding from relatives in my room) Playlist:

1. First Communion Gang Gang Dance.
2. Death Letter The White Stripes
3. Y Control The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
4. Razorblade The Strokes
5. Karma Police Radiohead
6. Do Me a Favor Arctic Monkeys
7. Big Balls AC/DC
8. Hong Kong Garden Siouxie and the Banshees