Say what?

"I'm the best, yes, yes"
and then she said
"you would wear that"
so I replied "Bitch, I don't know your life"

ANYWAYS a bunch of stuff for next season that I would wear if could get it.

OK let's just cut the silly business.
GIVE THIS TO ME, ok please.

(Proenza Schouler)

When I say I want it, I kind of mean that I'm going to mow anyone down who stands in my way.
Also, I would wear the Willy Wonka spectacles.

Maybe I'll try to recreate a really amateur, crappy version of this that looks like a blind monkey sewed it.

A-cha-cha a hardcore sparkely spiderwebbed cocktail dress

Y'know, just some things I could wear to school, everyday ensembles.