Bigger than guns, bigger than cigarettes

Next winter you know I'm gonna be rocking these. Days and days of making them myself? probably not, but it'll be on my mind. (the fabric is in your miiiind)

Fall collections usually aren't my favorite because I like bright flowery prints more, but these are better than satisfactory.

Ruffian Acne

I really like this new embroidered tights-as-a-bodysuit thing, and I would definitely wear those see through jeans if I had model legs. But in the winter? Feh, who's legs would not be so ghostly pale that they'd have to go tanning before wearing them?

Alexander Wang Christopher Kane

Basically, I like shiny things and black: this is perfect. Also, I like shear. I mean I really, really like shear. (I mean when there's something underneath to covers ups the bits and pieces)
But shear is a good thing. Acutally, I'm going down to Joanne's right now to buy myself some shear chiffon for my chiffarobe where I'll shelves shoes and sheeps' sheddings.

Peter Som Jak&Jill or Facehunter?

Ooooh hot damn, I do love some nonsensical combining. Psychedellic printing and faux fur, the two things I hold so dear in this crazy mixed up world? How did you know, Peter Som? You dirty son-of-a-pig mind reader.

And those shoes? I'm going to have to diy it up in this motha. Googly eyes, sequins, rhinestones, and paint: meet your maker.