Did you take my money?

Last weekend we went to el ciudad for Lauren's birthday. shopped ate and such and then went to hippie hill (duh duh duhhhh)

Wait what? B'scuuuse me? I'm sort of not really but yes ok I'm in love with the place, and I don't mean "i <3 u" kind of love, sheesh I'm not going to marry the place. But it's a good squatting ground.

"Freedom"... freedom to walk around covered in foam pads so I look like I'm about to go and send this freedom to eternal damnation? We all interpret it our own way.

Aw dammit, here comes the maddie, screwing up the pictures. Always making the face trying to score some babes. (no wait, B@beZ)

Aaaaaahlso, I found way #76 to wear the leather jacket

I just need some sunsunsun

Well no, not really. You're wrong

I'm going to Utah with the brahs to shred it up on my snowboard.
Actually, what I meant to say is that I'm going to Salt Lake with my family where I'll be scared on the slopes.

Whatever brah, I got a new beanie. No, not a knitted cap, a b-e-a-n-i-e.

Guess I'll leave you with this (ignore all the jibba-jabba. I'm loving me some ODB (which could also be Ol' Dead Bastard (I don't feel confortable with that )))