russet is off to who knows where with forest green

There are 2 things I need to address; art and poetry. This shall be short, sweet, and curt.

Thang 1

I really like the drawings by Fernanda Cohen. The one above is a party I want to be a part of.
Her work is clean and cluttered at the same time, which is a good thing. I especially like the next one of Woody Allen, who I wish could be my god-father (but sans that whole pedophile thing).


Have any of you ever heard of some swank beatnik poet named Ken Nordine?
I just started listening to and reading some of his work. Right now I'm obsessed with a series of poems he did about the characteristics of colors.

Has anybody else ever dwelled upon how the number 3 seems like a brat? What about how the letter Z thinks it is too cool for school, or how 8 is the most insecure number of them all?*

Ken Nordine does just this by describing the personalities of different colors and their relationships with other colors. There's not much of his recorded work on youtube, so here's the best I could find.

Everything he says about the colors seems spot-on and makes me laugh at how ridiculous it is that I agree with him. Try not to use the visuals in these clips as a guide.

"Of course it's only a Beige Rage"

"the juicy little tidbits of inside that we can get from her"

"There's the green that should never have happened, the stupid green."