casa viniendo?

Homecoming twas last weekend, but I was an epic failure and didn't get pictures of my outfit so boohoo, go cry over your coconut cake.

On point, I think this was one of our more put-together years, y'know? No rush, no wardrobe malfunctions, no catfights. (are there ever catfights?)

Sasspants. All of us, every single dastardly one.

On a MORE IMPORTANT note... I have to go on some medication this weekend and I'll be forced to stay en casa. I'll be living a town called Suckersville, population 2. (me and my kickass Wilder, who lives there even when he doesn't have to.)

WHO WILL COME TO VISIT MEEEEEE? I implore you to. I'll be waiting with tofu and some medication you wouldn't be paid to take.
Actually, all I can say is... be jealous, yeah, be jealous of enforced house arrest.

I'll see you on the flipside

(of what?)