going to delete in time

I didn't get into Santa Cruz. Therefore Santa Barbara, Irvine, and Boulder are out of the question.


Stop fucking posting your excitement via status. Stop asking me where I'm going (not where I want to go). When you ask, I know it's just because you want to tell me where you're going.
I'm sorry, don't take this personally, it's just that right now I feel like popping a mother fucking cap in a mother fucking ass. Fuck.

Last night I had a 3-hour temper tantrum and ate half a pineapple for comfort, which is not actually comforting.
How I feel:

Why you gotta sleep in public J. FrancZ?

I guess the school(s) I got into aren't the worst, but not where I really wanted to go. This just sucks major salty balls.*

"Why do you have a diary?"
"To keep secrets from my computer."

*Ok, this unhealthy, I'm going to post something nicer.