mystic Madame Rose

On Friday night Mr. Boddy was murdered in his mansion and it was up to us novelty characters to solve the mystery of who murdered him with what in which room? (ummm...ever heard the game of clue?)
My character was Madame Rose - a fraud from Medonia who is also rich Thellura in World of Warcraft.

dress - mom's vintage Moschino

Best.Dress.Ever....except for the part about the red lips peeling off.

Gato = Mrs. Peacock. Perhaps the most elusive character with hidden intentions.

bracelets - vintage, ring - grandpa's vintage
The charm bracelets used to be my grandma's that my grandpa gave to her. The charms on it boggle the mind: mini-hour glass, horse-shoe, bell, penny, etc...
The ring was my grandfather's too.

Hey story time! I walked into my room in the wee hours last night and a wonderous sight beheld my eyes: vintage up the wazoo! My mom brought home a bunch of stuff my grandpa's wife was getting rid of. I got stuff that was hers, my grandpa's, and her daughter's.

Isreali army shirt, gangsta!

So what I got
1 - dress/suit combo
2 - fur wraps
4 - shirts
2 - wool biking jerseys
4 - sweaters
1 - housedress
1 - porkpie hat

pretty good score, heh?