past few days

Outfits and thangs from the past few days. On Sunday I went to the De Young with my little mamasita. (that's my mother, you perv, she's small)

And WHAT, might you ask, did we see there? Hrrrm, maybe something such as the best thing my eyes have ever beheld! We went to see the Yves Saint Laurent retrospective exhibit and it was to die for. Like a dog to a snausage, I was salivating at the amazing outfits that dated from the present back to the 60's.

Sadly, photography was NOT ALLOWED. so I'll make a post later with pictures from the web of my favorite pieces.

Later we went to the top of the observational tower:

leather jacket - UO, powder blue oxford - vintage, tan bag - H&M

It was a really beautiful day: clear skies, spring weather, sunshine.

"Hey San Francisco, can you see meh?"

was over 70 degrees all up in my grill.
January is now a time to wear shorts (Thanks global warming, I owe you one!)

cardigan - target, muscle shirt - thrift, shorts - DIY, open chucks - DIY, bojangles bracelets

Something I must admit: I FREAKIN LOVE MY SHIRT

Bojangles bracelets=

If I ever refer to Bojangles bracelets, I mean this combination or similar.


I cut these up last spring. This was taken over my patio, but doesn't it look like my foots in front of a backdrop? This is either artsy or just shitty camera quality.

I have Jealosy over these

I saved this picture a long time ago, I think it came from Jak&Jil